12 Most Awkward Pregnancy Photos

pregnantLet's face it: All pregnancy portraits are awkward. Your belly is huge, and there's no getting around it. In fact, that's part of the fun! But there's awkward, and then there's dear God was that YOUR idea?!? awkward. Some pregnancy portraits are, let's say, so creative we have to LOL. Here's a few favorites we've seen lately. It goes without saying that all of these women are beautiful mamas. But the portrait concepts? Hilarious.


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Coles... Coles_mom

#6 is the stuff nightmares are made of!!!

Rando... Randomlady

I loved all of these (as in I enjoy seeing that type of pregnancy photo and think it is sweet) except for the baby face in belly pic, that one was just a bit too weird for my taste.

tuffy... tuffymama

These were pretty weird. I'd call most art fails rather than pg pic fails. But WOW. The one with the kid's face on the stomach? Some fool needs to put down the photoshop.

Sherry Chick

the one I found the most disturbing was the baby face naked pic... eeww?? what was who thinking?? but some of them I found very beautiful. the earth one, the one with the girl in the wheat field. I thought they were beautiful..
as a side note, the one with the father and mother reinacting conception... yeah, it was a little odd....

amand... amanda_mom89

Some of them weren't bad at all..they aren't something I'd go for..but only a few made me go wth?

liz549 liz549

I loved being pregnant and feeling my baby grow in me. Probably I look like Goodyear plumb.

LostS... LostSoul88

I like half of them

Wendi Victoria Kelly

OMG #4 I don't even think the person in the picture is pregnant. I think that's just a fat woman. Honestly, their stomach wasn't round enough. lol

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