10 Slang Terms for Pregnancy That Might Insult You (PHOTOS)

woman's pregnant bellyOne of my all-time fave scenes in the movie Grease has to be when Rizzo, played by Stockard Channing, thinks she might be pregnant with Kenickie's kid and her admission starts a whole game of telephone at the drive-in. It was like a crash course in how many different, potentially offensive slang terms there are for being pregnant.

To this day, while they may not be the most respectful ways to say you're expecting, we have some hilarious, ridiculous, and extreme ways people could refer to a little one on the way. Here, 10 of the best, illustrated for your entertainment and horror ...

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gridi... gridironsmom

I honestly haven't heard most of those.

nonmember avatar April

I think I've only ever heard of like 4 of those...the rabbit died? really?

Erinly Erinly

A "bat in the cave" is when you have boogers hanging out of your nose! Lol.

BlueJane BlueJane

By the end of my second pregnancy I started referring to myself as "great with child".

jalaz77 jalaz77

Never heard of the majority of these.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Never heard of most of these. The one that I *hated*, though, was "preggers". It still grates on me to hear it. Don't know why, either.

Marie Molnar

Havnt heard most of them other than bun in the oven, pea in the pod, and the rabbit died. I was told the rabbit died one came around becosue they used to inject females urin in a rabbit and if it lived you were not pregnant and if it died you were? Dont know how true that is. 

Lisa Schinkel Sulack

I've heard of "bun in the oven", "knocked up" and "pea in the pod" but that's it... I must live under a rock, lol, because those just sounded extremely silly!

amcashes amcashes

I have not heard of some of them but still almost all of them rubbed me the wrong way.

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