8 Signs Kate Middleton Is Having a Boy

blue bootiesOMG! Could it really be true? After hearing reports that Kate Middleton bought a blue stroller for her baby (a Bugaboo, to be exact), there is new speculation that she and Prince William may be expecting a son -- as in a little prince, as in a future king!

I know, I know, up until this point, the general consensus seems to have been that Kate is expecting a baby girl. But come on -- why on earth would she purchase a stroller in a gender specific shade like blue if she isn't pregnant with a boy? (If she did actually buy the thing, of course. There's a chance it's nothing but a rumor.)


Considering what a traditional gal she is, it does seem highly unlikely for her to buy something blue for a baby girl. (Then again, stranger things have happened.)

But there may be a few other clues that might indicate a baby boy is on board.

  1. She's carrying in front -- Yep, Kate's "all-baby" as people like to say. Her bump sticks straight out in the front instead of being more spread out, which old wives' tales say is a sign of a boy.
  2. She's still gorgeous -- Supposedly girls steal your beauty while you're pregnant, but Kate's just as perfect as ever.
  3. She wants a boy -- Kate said back in March that she'd like to have a son. Maybe she already had a gut feeling about the baby's sex -- or maybe she knows what she's having?
  4. She's worn blue -- Ok, somehow I'm guessing her maternity fashion choices have nothing to do with the sex of her baby, but then again, wearing blue could be a subtle hint?
  5. Astrology -- According to the ancient Chinese birth charts, Kate is expecting a boy since she likely conceived in October, when she was 30 years old.
  6. Shiny hair and perfect skin -- Yep, you guessed it. Both of those things are apparently typical of boy pregnancies. 
  7. Bump shape -- Kate's bump is shaped just like a basketball, yet another indicator of a baby boy in the oven.

And if she is having a boy, odds are good his name will be Philip, which William supposedly already picked out. Aww. So cute.

(Good thing we only have a few more months to go before the suspense is over.)

Do you think Kate is having a baby boy or baby girl?


Image via handmaidenbymaria/Flickr

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