Mom Delivers 2 Sets of Identical Twins at the Same Time

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baby toesFinding out you're pregnant is exciting enough as it is, so you can only imagine how Sharon Turner felt when she learned she was carrying quadruplets.

It's not every day that you realize you're expecting not one, but four children all at the same time, so you can only imagine her shock upon hearing the news.

But as it turns out, her babies had another big surprise for their mom, which wasn't revealed until after the four of them were born.

James, Joshua, Lauren, and Emily arrived seven weeks early on March 30. Yep, Sharon and her husband Julian were blessed with two boys and two girls. Did I mention they are identical? That's right -- this mom beat the 70 million to 1 odds and had two sets of identical twins.

Good grief. If she ever wants to talk to someone who can relate, she should call Tressa Montalvo, a mom in Texas who also welcomed two sets of identical twins back in February.

Since Sharon had undergone four rounds of IVF to try and conceive, she knew there was a good chance of her winding up with more than one baby. She said, "We thought about the possibility of twins, but never more than that."

And getting two pairs of twins would've been incredible enough -- but two sets of identicals? That's pretty amazing, if you ask me.

Want to know what's even crazier? Julian is a triplet himself! What are the chances of a triplet winding up with quadruplets? I'd love to hear that statistic.

These parents are definitely going to have their hands full once they bring these babies home, to say the least. But considering what miracles the four of them are, I'm sure their parents will savor every single moment with their precious twins.

Have you ever heard of someone having two sets of twins?


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Karla C. Mulrenan

No, but I'm sure we will more often as artificial conception becomes the norm.

arlis... arliss123

Even with IVF, I'm sure the odds are pretty incredible, since the treatments would have only created fraternal twins; then those embryos both divided for two more babies.

mande... manderspanders's all playing with nature in ways that aren't meant to be.

ashjo85 ashjo85

The treatments made fraternal multiples more likely, but identical twin rates aren't affected by treatments. Luck of the draw! I do hear they run in families though. . .

Rosas... RosasMummy

ivf doesn't affect likeliness of identical twins, this is just as unlikely as it would be for anyone

nonmember avatar Shannon

A lady I work with is a fraternal twin in a pair of b/g twins. She has 6 other brothers and sisters (other than her twin)... and get this! They are all twin pairs as well! That's right, her mom had 4 sets of twins! She had one set identical twins (girls), one set fraternal b/g twins, two other sets of fraternal twins (one boys and one girls!). Takes a brave woman after that 2nd set of twins! Of course, this was about 50 years ago...

Adrina Palmer

I have seen someone else with two sets of identical twins. Both sets were teenagers when I met them. The older set of twins were party animals and trouble makers. The other set, the younger, were creepy blonds that looked like ghosts come back to life. They didn't seem to like anyone entering their space and had a strange bond. Mind you I was 9 when I met them and they purposely tried to creep me and my brother out. It worked. 

Fondue Fondue

Manders, STFU.  Until you've dealt with issues of infertility, I suggest you keep your opinions about IVF to yourself.

nonmember avatar Lena

How could she not know she was having quadruplets? Did she not receive any prenatal care?

nonmember avatar Christina

Lena, she knew she was having quads, she didnt know she was having 2 sets of identical twins until they were born.

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