6 Pregnancy Myths That Make Us LOL

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pregnantYou hear a lot of silly things when you're pregnant. Older relatives may try and guess the gender of your baby by dangling a wedding ring on a string and watching how it swings. (An ultrasound is a wee bit more accurate, usually.) You may be told never to raise your arms, ever. How are you supposed to stretch or put on deodorant, then? Your baby could catch your cold! Exercise will cause your baby to be strangled by the umbilical cord! All false. Here are six pregnancy myths that are flat-out false, and one golden pregnancy myth that might actually have some truth to it.

1. Cocoa butter prevents stretch marks. My sister told me so! And look, we both used it and we didn't get stretch marks ... much. Sorry, stretchmarks are hereditary. If they're in the cards for you, all cocoa butter will do is make those stretch marks nice and soft. Some women are even allergic to the stuff.

2. You can tell a baby's gender by how high you carry. Is it high for boys, low for girls? Or the other way around? Doesn't matter -- this one doesn't hold up to the science. Same goes with that one about the shape of your belly indicating your baby's gender: Malarkey.

3. Bad morning sickness means you're having a girl. Nope. It doesn't. But we still hope Kate Middleton, whose morning sickness was famously horrendous, is having a girl.

4. Heartburn during pregnancy means a baby with a lot of hair. Where do people come up with these ideas? This is actually something people say. Heartburn and baby hair are totally unrelated. (OK, FINE you guys.)

5. A full moon or storm can trigger labor. Yeah, no. The moon is not one big pitocin drip in the sky. And your uterus is not that sensitive to barometric pressure.

6. Watch a lunar eclipse during pregnancy and your baby will get a harelip. But if you wear something metallic, like a safety pin, on your underwear, that will protect you. I swear to God, I am SO not making up these myths. Somewhere, out there, a pregnant woman is taping a penny to her underwear before running an errand during an eclipse just in case.

One pregnancy myth that may be true? 

7. That pregnancy glow. Many pregnant women look in the mirror and say, "WHAT PREGNANCY GLOW?!?" Well, you do retain more water during pregnancy, which can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles ... temporarily. Increased levels of progesterone can send extra blood flowing around your body, which can make you feel warmer and look a little redder. But pregnancy can also do a number on your skin and have the exact opposite effect, so no pregnant woman is guaranteed to glow.

Have you heard of any of these pregnancy myths?


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nonmember avatar blue

Actually, #4 has been studied. Seriously, you are capable of even a google search before you write...correct? Johns Hopkins University and other institutions and organizations have actually done studies. All confirm.

B1Bomber B1Bomber

They always call the full moon one a myth, but ask any ob or ob nurse - more babies are born during the full moon and during bad storms. My first son was born at a hospital that had 12 births Wed-Fri, 27 births between Friday night and Sunday morning, and another 20 before I went home Saturday.

The difference? Severe thunderstorms AND full moon. Causation is hard to measure, but there is a definite correlation.

Choco... Chocodoxies

Wow... research. 

Heartburn and hair growth are related. Kathleen Costigan, a registered nurse in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at John Hopkins lead a study, fully expecting to find no correlation, only to be shocked when the correlation proved to be factual.  For once would this site do some actual research on what you are writing about. I am actually embarassed to admit I read your site after all the mistakes, grammatical and otherwise.

Laura Palmer

I had terrible heartburn and my baby was bald, bald, bald.

Lilia920 Lilia920

#5 might actually be true. My 2nd child was born during a storm. When I got to the hospital they told me that it was dead before the storm. Then during the storm and after it, the l&d floor was packed. Pregnant women were coming in left and right. The nurse, and my ob says that it's always busy when there's a change in barometric pressure. It's funny because my 2nd son was 11 days before is due date. We were nervous that he would be 13 days past his due date like his older brother.

Disso... Dissolutions

lol i dont believe the heartburn myth for a second haha, i had crippling heartburn with DD and well...she was a cue ball lol. 

nonmember avatar Christine@TOS

LOL! Do some of these actually make the rounds between generations?!?! Heartburn and hair on a baby's head? REALLY? hahaha, who comes up with this stuff.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

#5 is true in animals; storms are the safest time to deliver because animals can't follow the sent well through wind and rain... I wouldn't be surprised if humans naturally feel safer/more relaxed in a rain storm or something. I know i find peace in a good storm!!

JS0512 JS0512

The heartburn one was true for me. 1st daughter = no heartburn and she was bald until 2. 2nd daughter? AWFUL heartburn and the first thing the doctor and nurses said was "look at that hair!" FULL head of hair. Flowed past her shirt collars and by one year was down to her butt!

April... AprilJune

I agree with other commenters about #5. My OB told me they always see more women come in when there are pressure changes, like for a storm. I think there may be a correlation there.

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