21 Everyday Things That Pregnant Women Can't Stand to Smell (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Apr 25, 2013 Pregnancy

deodorantFor the most part, I got really, really lucky and had a pretty routine pregnancy with my son seven years ago. Sure, I was huge, had more than my fair share of heartburn and hemorrhoids, and was uncomfortable as hell towards the end -- but I was never sick and/or miserable at any point during that nine months.

But while I didn't fall victim to morning sickness, there was one thing that absolutely made me gag -- the smell of my husband's deodorant.

OMG. It was the grossest thing EVER. I was so turned off by it, in fact, that he was forced to switch brands for the sake of me hanging onto my lunch.

Having a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy is a funny thing, and I'm not the only one who had a certain scent she just couldn't stand. Check out the photos below to see 20 other smells that moms report making them want to puke while expecting.


Image via Clean Wal-Mart/Flickr

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