New TV Show 'Pregnant & Dating' Sounds Even Worse Than 'Teen Mom'

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Dating is hard enough when you're single and, um, not pregnant. So you can only imagine what these six single but, um, pregnant ladies go through when they take on the dating world in Los Angeles in the new WE TV reality show Pregnant & Dating. Hey, some guys are into that kind of thing. First date: Your date sips water at a local wine bar and complains that she can't drink. Second date: Your date gets you to rub her feet because they're "killing her." Third date: Sex? Are you insane?! I'm already knocked up! And fourth: Water broke! Get me to the ER! Hey, if you're a really lucky dude on your fifth date, you might get some fried placenta.

The show, which premieres June 1 (mark your calendars!), follows the dating lives of Kiesha, Shana, Melissa, Megan, and Rachel as they try to find "Mr. Right" after becoming impregnated by "Mr. Father of Your Child But Not the One You Want to, Um, Marry. Or Even Date."

Kiesha got pregnant with a friend's baby. He, by the way, has no idea she's preggo. Awkward! Megan found herself with child after a night of drunk revelry with ... some dude. Rachel is pregnant by her ex-boyfriend. Melissa too is pregnant by an ex -- who left her for another woman. Need we go on?

Just because these ladies are pregnant doesn't mean they're DEAD, okay?! As for dating, they say there's no time like the present, but even those people probably weren't pregnant. Err, yeah. Something about this smacks of ... desperation?

Then again, if these women can actually find a guy to date them while they're in various states of pregnancy, then they've probably got a keeper! Not too many men are going to want to date a pregnant lady unless they are truly interested in her as a human being. Or maybe they have some kind of weird pregnant lady fetish.

Do you think these women should be dating?


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paige... paige8608

That sounds kinda bizarre. Sounds like a lot of baby daddy drama & ladies on the search to find a new one. Ugh...idk how I feel about this. I mean - what if the guy is some weirdo perv who just has a pregnant woman fetish? It seems to be hard enough to find a date in Los Angeles as it is - but being pregnant?! I dunno...but I'll be watching!

cmjaz cmjaz

Good God!!

youth... youthfulsoul

Gross and no they shouldn't be dating. Maybe that's why their knocked up and single for making lousy choices.

Heath... Heathp721

Knocked up and single for making lousey choices? I do agree that a dating show about pregnant women dating is kind of trashy. I don't think however, you can judge a woman who finds herself in a situation of being pregnant by a boyfriend she loved and then dumped as trashy unless you stayed a virgin until married yourself. I was in what I thought was a loving and committed relationship with someone who everyone believed was a good guy. I took birth control every night like clock work and still ended up pregnant. My then boyfriend gave me an ultimatum and told me he was leaving unless I had an abortion. I chose my baby and he left me when I was five weeks pregnant. I now have an amazing and happy one year old boy and I am grateful that I didn't let myself be strong armed into giving him up. Oh, and before anyone starts to think I was irresponsible and must not have taken my pill correctly.... There is now a pending class action lawsuit against the bc I was using because apparently they made a few batches that were ineffective. So all you women out there go ahead and judge the reality dating show while pregnant aspect as trashy if you want. But don't put all women who are single and pregnant in to the same category unless you yourself have never slept with a man outside of marriage.

Heath... Heathp721

By the way youthful soul it is they're (they are) not their. So focus on your self before judging others or at least know the correct words to use when doing so.

Eliza... ElizabithMH

Who can blame them? They need to find a baby daddy and quick!! :)

Natalia Tayler

yes i am totally behind these woman, just because they are expecting doesn't mean that their dating lives should be deemed over

Meagan Gorman

I was pregnant and single, and although I didn't "date", there's absolutely nothing wrong with it! Don't judge them. I was pregnant, it was planned, and with a man that I was with for years, and things didn't work out. Why the didn't work out is a loong story, but I was not at fault in any way. I know firsthand that being a single pregnant woman is tough enough, and dating has got to be even more challenging! Kudos to these ladies!

Tina Berge

OK. I started dating my husband when I was 7months pregnant. The sperm donor had left, even though it was a planned pregnancy. He knew before the first date that I was pregnant and explained it to his friends that he'd rather be in a child's life from the very beginning than when they're older. He is my child's dad, but I never relied on him for any baby expenses- I've handled those all on my own. It was not a relationship that started because I needed a 'baby-daddy' or someone to pay for my kid. It was a relationship that started because I wanted someone to love and love me back, a relationship with honesty and trust. And my LO is such a daddy's girl that it brings me to tears sometimes.

nonmember avatar gary

confused. fiercly independant and knocked up needing a man to carry there financial load? I guess you can never run out of white trash needing cash.

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