10 Belly Bump Shots to Take During Your Pregnancy

pregnancyHave you planned what kinds of portraits you'll take while you're pregnant -- or were you just going to kind of wing it with a series of random shots? I did the latter, and, well ... I kind of wish I'd given those photos just a leetle more thought. Like, maybe I should have run a brush through my hair before someone grabbed a camera.

Anyway, if it's not too late for you, here are 10 classic pregnancy poses. Do your hair, find some soft lighting, and just have fun with these!

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nonmember avatar Meg

Maybe it is just me but taking a picture of the pee stick seems a bit much. I can't even imagine where you would display something like that. If I was glancing through a photo album and saw my mothers pregnancy test pictured, I would be a little grossed out.

Vegeta Vegeta

I was grossed out with the pee stick one aswell.. none of these are very good ideas.

Erinly Erinly

These are all cute and I actually don't have any complaints against taking a picture of the positive pregnancy test, but one girl I know did and made it her facebook cover photo and DIDN'T WIPE THE PEE DRIPS OFF IT! 

Nicole Grochowsky

I took a picture of all of my "pee sticks" to announce it online. Not gross to me. I fine the others to be mch more gorss. In a, I'm not that gushy, kind of way.  Kiss my belly pictures? No thanks.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I wish I would have thought to take a picture of my positive pregnancy tests... I still have mine from both my kids but of course they are faded... hopefully I will remember when I have another baby!!

bella... bellacazzate

Seeing most of these on Facebook makes me wince. The shots from the side showing progression and the fun/natural ones are fine, but the cheesy staged ones... heeby jeebies.  

nonmember avatar Madeline

Sorry no one wants to see something you urinated on.

femal... femaleMIKE

I took a picture of all 4 of my positive pregnancy tests.  I just wouldn't share the pics with the world. They are private pictures for me and some friends only.  Someone suggested I save them, I said yuck. 

I am not into cliche pictures (can't think of a better term for these).  I would rather take natural shots.  However, I do run from the camera.

mande... manderspanders

I took pictures of my pregnancy tests, more because I was in disbelief that they were positive and wanted proof to show if anyone questioned that I was pregnant. lol

I don't know, I think maternity pictures have gone way overboard.  I can't imagine when I'm 80 years old and my kid is 50, looking back over pictures of a naked belly and remeniscing.... Seriously, it would be weird.

BUT, my mom had NO PICUTRES from when she was pregnant... I don't know what my mom looked like pregnant at all - no casual pictures, nothing.  When I was young and angry with her, I'd tell her she wasn't my mom because there was no "proof", no pictures (and I greatly favor my dad in appearance).  So, I do think there needs to be something to document it... but really I just don't care for the "modern" take on maternity shots.

Probably the only preggo shots of me will be at my baby shower this weekend (haven't taken any to this point - 29 weeks).

femal... femaleMIKE

LMAO @manderspanders. 

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