10 Belly Bump Shots to Take During Your Pregnancy

Adriana Velez | Apr 22, 2013 Pregnancy
10 Belly Bump Shots to Take During Your Pregnancy

pregnancyHave you planned what kinds of portraits you'll take while you're pregnant -- or were you just going to kind of wing it with a series of random shots? I did the latter, and, well ... I kind of wish I'd given those photos just a leetle more thought. Like, maybe I should have run a brush through my hair before someone grabbed a camera.

Anyway, if it's not too late for you, here are 10 classic pregnancy poses. Do your hair, find some soft lighting, and just have fun with these!

  • Positive Results



    First of all, get a photo of those results that you're "positively" pregnant. We'll all try and forget it's a picture of something you peed on.

  • Just Barely Showing



    It's not beer. It's not gas. It's a baby! Promise.

  • Hands On My Belly


    Just your big, beautiful belly, cradled in your hands. Decoration is optional.

  • Sibling Love



    What could be cuter than a portrait with a soon-to-be big brother or sister giving their future baby sibling a hug?

  • Heart Hands



    Aww, make a little heart shape with your hands over your belly.

  • The Tasteful Nude


    The 5th Ape/Flickr

    For the boldest among you! You know, where you pretend it's Annie Leibovitz shooting your portrait, maybe in black and white, and you're either tastefully nude or nearly so, and you gaze into the distance beatifically? Yup, that's the one.

  • OMG Look How Big Profile


    Turn to the side and see that belly pop out! Especially effective when you write how many weeks along you are directly on your belly.

  • Daddy Love


    irina slutsky/Flickr

    Get your baby daddy in one of those pictures. I especially like the ones where he's hugging mama from behind.

  • Daddy Love II


    Or this one, where he's kissing your belly.

  • Portrait Only YOU Would Do



    I mean, why not? Because every expecting mom is unique.

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