Jenna Bush Hager's Water Broke in the Craziest, Most Perfect Place (VIDEO)


jenna bushJenna Bush Hager, who gave birth to Margaret Laura 'Mila' Hager on April 13, recently shared her birth story with the Today show, and it turns out -- Bush actually went into labor at her baby shower. What are the odds?!

Jenna's given due date was three weeks later than when Mila arrived, so while the chances of her being at her baby shower at that very moment are a bit strange, the happenstance makes a bit more sense. (And what an exciting shower for the guests!) She said: "I kind of started sweating, which I guess is a normal thing, but then, all of a sudden, in front of all of my friends, my water broke. It was like a romantic comedy."

My knee-jerk reaction when I heard Jenna's story was: No thanks. I feel like being in labor is such a personal, vulnerable moment -- having an audience there seems so intrusive. But the more I thought about it, I sort of concluded that, actually, being at your baby shower is a wonderful place to go into labor.

Baby showers are filled with the women one loves. And, usually, some or most of the women there have already had children themselves. They don't just come bearing gifts, they come bearing a wealth of knowledge. This is the blanket that worked best for swaddling. This is how you work the breast pump. These are the best bottles to reduce gas. Who better to be around than a group of women who love and care for you, but who have also been there themselves? Yes, it would definitely be a bit invasive and Jenna was bound to feel on display, but also -- there were dozens of women there who could offer support, help out, or answer any questions. It's almost a bit tribal.

While I'm not going to lie and say that I hope this happens to me (I'd prefer to be at home with my husband), I will say, if I had to be in public when I went into labor, a baby shower is the perfect place. Nice going, Mother Nature.

Where were you when you went into labor?

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Andrea Reyes

I went into labor with my son at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere on the home from my baby shower. I had felt like crap that whole day and we stopped to pee, and after I washed my hands I felt a trickle. I sat back down on the toilet and felt it pop. I ended up with an 80 mile ambulance ride to the city where I lived.


I woke up at home, on my due date, with contractions. She wasn't born until 17 hours later, and my midwife broke my water when I was 8 cm. I actually think it was a near-perfect scenario. Hope this next one is just as smooth!

linzemae linzemae

My daughter came the day before my baby shower. 5 weeks early

nonmember avatar Ashley

After the umpteenth time getting up to pee, I laid back down in bed and was only lying there for a minute when I heard a big pop and felt the huge gush. Our daughter was born 16 hours later at 34 weeks and perfectly healthy! Our baby shower was suppose to be in a couple days before I had her. My friends had to scramble to let everyone know it was cancelled. Lol.

zombi... zombiemommy916

My water broke while I was standing in the kitchen, on the phone with my OB...oh and it was also my due date, which was also my husband's birthday!! When we got to the ER, I told the front desk guy that I was in labor and he asked what my due date was..I answered "today" and he says "and this is your first? Sorry, but that never happens..." I seriously wanted to throttle him...

phant... phantomphan

with my first, i was at the grocery store. and it was no polite little trickle, either.

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