20 Earth-Day Inspired Baby Names


Today is Earth Day, the day people around the world recognize Mother Earth and our responsibility to her. It's one that makes us think and hopefully improve our ways. If you're a mother-to-be, it also provides some pretty great inspiration for baby names.


What better way to honor our planet than by naming children for its resources and its beauty. Giving your child an eco-friendly baby name is such a great way to pass down to your child a daily reminder of how fortunate we are to live in this beautiful world and how hard we need to work to keep it that way.

Here are 20 great earthy baby names.


1. Sage

2. Clover

3. Olive

4. Flora (the Roman goddess of flowers)

5. Coral

6. Luna

7. Ivy

8. Willow

9. Peony

10. Avani (of Sankskrit origin, meaning "earth")



1. Storm

2. Pax (Latin for "peace")

3. Hunter

4. Garth (of English origin, means "garden")

5. Condor

6. Stone

7. Cyrus (of Persian origin, means "sun")

8. Ash

9. Basil

10. Forest


Image via istock.com/druvo

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