Kate Middleton Tops List of 'Best Dressed Pregnant Ladies'

kate middletonThe Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was recently voted the Best Dressed Pregnant Lady. Yes, there's such a list, and no, it's no surprise that Kate topped it. The list is courtesy of Vanity Fair, and their reason for naming the Duchess as the most stylish mom-to-be is because she "conceals her (bare minimum of a) bump with three-quarter-length coats and short skirts that also help to draw attention to enviably still-svelte stems." Okay. Makes sense.

The nine other women who have decidedly been dressing their baby bumps in today's hottest fashions are as follows:

2. Hilaria Baldwin (Alec's wife)

3. Peaches Geldof

4. Halle Berry

5. Penelope Cruz

6. Elaine Irwin

7. Romola Garai

8. Lara Stone

9. Margherita Missoni

10. Eva Herzigova

If you (and Kris Jenner) will notice, Kim Kardashian is glaringly absent from the list, despite what seems like fiercely attempting to get on such a list were there ever one created. (Surprise! There was!) Most likely it's because, although a very beautiful woman, Kim has been attempting to take what appear to be "fashion risks" during her pregnancy -- sheer tops; jump suits; heels as high as slilts. She often looks uncomfortable and like she cant wait to go home and put on sweats. Kate, on the other hand, has managed to stay true to her iconic style, yet still "dresses like a pregnant lady". IE, she doesn't look miserable when she's out and about. She looks like herself -- only with a bump. You don't get the impression that when she walks in the door, she rips off her hose and heels and flops herself on the bed. (Kate would never do that.)

So, congrats, Kate, on your well-deserved title. Oh, and congrats on the baby, too! So much to celebrate. Non-alcoholic toast!

What was your pregnancy style?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

kate middleton


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Christine Berard Ongano

That is precisely Kim K's problem. She's trying to dress like she always has, just buying larger sizes & altering them...NO! When you are pregnant you need to wear maternity clothing. Especially for someone as large on top as she is...being pregnant makes you much more chesty...if she started wearing maternity clothing, she'd be much better off & would look better!

Michelle Tanzella Young

Why am I not on the list?  I am dressing classy and business-like during the week.  On the weekends, I wear my maternity jeans with a nice sweatshirt or maternity top.  Just kidding.  I know I am not a famous person.

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