Pregnant Kim Kardashian's a Hypocrite But at Least She Admits It (VIDEO)

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Kim KardashianKim Kardashian has had quite the week. First her divorce from Kris Humphries came through. Now the headlines are full of the mom-to-be admitting she's a giant hypocrite.

But considering it's Kim herself dropping the "h" word, this is one she should be proud of. It takes a strong person to admit they were wrong, and Kim is opening up about some of the things she did pre-pregnancy that she's ashamed of now that she's expecting her first child.


Giving sister Kourtney grief for having kids out of wedlock. Kourtney, has two kids, Mason and Penelope, with her not-husband Scott Disick. And Kim says she was pretty adamant during Kourtney's pregnancy, saying things like, "You cannot have a baby without being married."


Kim, of course, got pregnant with Kanye West's baby ... while still technically married to Kris Humphries, which she apologized for in a clip from an upcoming Ryan Seacrest hosted Kardashians special:

I've said some things that I completely am, like, a hypocrite about now.

It's good to hear Kim saying her mea culpas now.

It's hard to do, but this is part of becoming a parent. You learn that some of the things you said and though about parenting when you were child-free are about to go up in smoke.

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Do the child-free have smart things to say about parenting? Absolutely ... sometimes. But other times the divide between having kids and not having kids is so wide that there is simply no crossing it. It's like any other "you don't understand until you've been there circumstance," only non-parents seem much more willing to judge parents than say, people who don't have cancer are to judge people with cancer.

This is why non-parents and parents can have so much trouble getting along. But apologies go a long way toward bridging the gap.

Yes, Kim was a hypocrite. But she apologized. She comes off as a much better person for it. She just better get used to it. She's likely to have a laundry list of apologies for mama Kourtney in the years to come.

Do you think Kim is a hypocrite?


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Miche... Michelephant

I think we are too quick to label people hypocrites.  People grow, learn and change.  This means that our thoughts and opinions and our way of doing things changes as well.  Just because I'm a health nut and I tell other people who beneficial it is to eat healthy doesn't mean that I'm a hypocrite if I eat a pint of ice cream every now and then.

Melan... MelanieJK

Yup.    Does she give any indication that she made a real effort to get married first or just "oh well,  this is how it worked out so oops I'm a hypocrite"?     

 You don't have to be a single person who has never had kids to think someone should to get married first though.    A lot of people who got married first think that.    

nonmember avatar ariann

see the problem with kin is she is constantly looking down on those who don't live up to her ideal. i remember watching the episode where she berated kourtney and scott for having a child out of wedlock. her belief is you should wait til you are married. now that she is in the same position she is quick to change her view and say oh well i was a hyprocrite. i actually liked kim, she seemed like a nice girl and was stunning but the past couple years she has shown her true colors. she is extremely vapid and shallow. i hope kim grows up and is an awesome hands on mom like kourtney appears to be.

twili... twilightsbella

I think she is a hypocrite. She seems to think shes better than other people. Her kid aint gonna be as cute as kourtneys kids since shes havin a baby with an ugly man

Texas... TexasGirl512

Kim is the last person to take a lesson on morality especially since she's famous for a sex tape!

nonmember avatar Christine

She is going to be a terrible mother. She's so selfish and self centered.

nonmember avatar Noni

How is it that all these rich people with so much to lose can't figure out how birth control / safe sex work? It's really not hard. Now they're both roped in with each other for 18 years.

Carol... CarolynCal2422

Kim has learned that what goes around comes around &. don't throw stones at glass houses. Karmas a bitch.


She realizes what she has said was wrong and admitted it. Simple as that. Just a sign of maturity to me.

yolie... yoliescott

Yes she is. Its not the point that she is pregnant and not married - its the fact that she got pregnant when technically she was still married to KH. Again, why people think she is someone so special that I am surprised they have not reported when she goes to pee and have a bm. She is just another woman who is pregnant. Women have been pregnant since who knows when. And when I was pregnant, we wore clothes that hid or bellies and that is why women where considered at their prettiest - because you saw the glow in their faces not by looking at their stomaches. Do I sound like I don't like Kim K - well I don't and as far as I am concerned she is a nobody with money.

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