Jessica Simpson Gives Out Naughty Baby Shower Favors

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Jessica SimpsonAs lovely as they are, you have to admit that sometimes baby showers get a little boring. I mean you can only ooo and ahh over breast pumps and onesies for so long, right? Jessica Simpson's baby shower this weekend to welcome in her second child, was anything but boring, however, especially when it came to the goodie bags.

The theme was Tom Sawyer, and by all accounts it was a lovely and grand affair. She threw it for herself, which is unusual for sure, but it's what was inside the goodie bags that may have been a first in baby shower history. They're actually more traditionally found at bachelorette parties than baby showers. Any guesses?

Well, before guests left they were told to visit a fishing station. There they reeled in their party favors, which included things like nail polish, lip gloss, and ... condoms. Imagine the guests' surprise when they reeled those in! 

They're not as random as they seem, though. Her party planner, Mindy Weiss, recently told People TV that the condoms were tongue-in-cheek since her pregnancy was such a big surprise. If you recall, Jess got pregnant with this baby just six months after she delivered her daughter Maxwell.

I think it's hilarious, and definitely much more memorable than some bag of mints or other favor for which you have no use. Never let it be said that Jess throws a boring bash.

What do you think of Jessica Simpson including condoms in the goodie bags at her baby shower?


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nonmember avatar Emmie

I wanted to do that for my baby shower 2 years ago nut my mom said no.

Amelia Deming

as long as its for adults only lol...... thats awesome, u go jessica 

Ashley Hall

sounds rather trashy if you ask me......

nonmember avatar Miechen

Awesome and fun

SLJoJo27 SLJoJo27

That's awesome! :)

nonmember avatar Shanah Bown

Ashley Hall you must not have kids..... trashy not at all it sounds like it would have been a blast, what came in the goodie bags are a great reminder to us all of why we are even having a baby shower in the first place... :)

krazy... krazylady602

i think its awsome its all for fun and who knows prevents a unwanted pregnncy i think its awsome

Conni Franks Brewer

Does it make it seem like Jessica is saying, "Don't  have an "oops" like I did"..???


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