Jennifer Aniston's Weird 'Cupping' Marks Could Mean a Baby Is in Her Future

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Jennifer AnistonSpeculation over whether or not she'll ever have a baby has been going on for years, but based on what appear to be cupping marks on Jennifer Aniston's skin, it looks as though she may be trying to get pregnant for real this time.

The odd discolored patches of skin were visible on her back as she walked the red carpet at the premiere of Lifetime's Call Me Crazy yesterday -- even though it appeared as though she tried to disguise them with makeup.

And while cupping, which is a form of Chinese medicine, can be used to help with releasing toxins from the body and treating congestion and inflammation -- it's also said to help with infertility.

The process involves a therapist placing a cupping glass on the skin to create a vacuum, which stimulates blood flow to the area where the cup is located.

Ok, so how exactly does cupping help with fertility? Supposedly it can help women who are trying to conceive naturally and/or through IVF by helping with ovulation, regulating hormones, thickening the uterine lining, and assisting in implantation, among other things.

And since Jen has always been a huge fan of yoga and a holistic lifestyle, it really wouldn't come as a huge surprise if she's turned to cupping to help her finally become pregnant. Now that she's happily engaged to Justin Theroux, she's at a good point in her life to become a mom. And at 44, if that's something she truly does want -- she should probably get a move on and try and conceive as soon as possible.

Hmm. I could be wrong, but based on the cupping evidence, I'd say there's a pretty good chance of us seeing a "Jennifer Aniston is pregnant!" headline before the year comes to a close. (OMG. She has to have a baby, already. She just has to!)

Have you ever heard of using cupping to help with getting pregnant?


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nonmember avatar Erika

Well, it is also a sexual fetish; so maybe she is just getting her kink on!

nonmember avatar mel

I dont think she wants children.

nonmember avatar Madeline

Three family members used cupping for help with cancer treatments, my Aunt uses it for arthritis treatment, my step-mother uses it for pain management with her arm and my cousin uses it to de-stress. Chances this is for fertility reasons are very slim. I hope her health is ok and she isn't using this for something serious.

nonmember avatar Technobee

I used traditional chinese medicine for my infertility and never was given cupping treatments. Only acupuncture needles and herbs. The acupuncturist used cupping on me to treat allergies.

Ilaria Bardi Keogh

I live in China (but I'm not Chinese) and do cuping often...those marks are weird...they're supposed to be red/purple like a bruise, not lighter than your skin...

nonmember avatar RLeider

It's likely that she put make up over the bruises so that's why it's lighter. And most people probably couldn't tell, you can just see the color difference because of the angle. Just a thought

Tara Bianca Candido

I agree with Ilaria, but maybe they are covered with makeup, anyway, cupping is not "weird" and not exactly "for infertility" but in Chinese medicine the whole body is treated to restore health, so if she needed cupping it could help with her overall health and thus possibly make her more fertile.


Kaayla Lennon-Roach

I feel like there are so many other benefits, even some listed here, that the chances of her doing for fertility are slim.

rutha... ruthallen

Only ever heard of it in bdsm circles. You sure she isn't just exploring her submissive side?

Jane Hagood

Leave her alone, she is great with or without a baby! 

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