Birth Wreath Trend Lets You Add Bling to Your Delivery Room

birth wreathIt's been years since I've been personally interested in any sort of infant-related decor, and as someone who's tragically challenged in the DIY/crafting department, I'm don't normally get geeked out over time-consuming homemade creations. However, I have to take a break from my curmudgeonly stop-the-Pinterest-madness attitude in order to squeal over the trend of birth wreaths -- because OMG, they are the cutest things EVERRRRR.

I'd never heard of birth wreaths before, but apparently they're very popular in the South. Birth wreaths (or baby wreaths/infant wreaths, as they're sometimes called) are meant to hang on your hospital door after your baby is born, and can also be displayed on your front door after the baby comes home. They vary from simple to spectacularly complex, and they're made out of everything from flowers to diapers.


They're so cute, I almost want to have another baby just to hang a celebratory wreath. Almost. Okay, not really. Okay, not even a little bit. But I'm telling you, these things are adorable.

There are all sorts of instructions online for making your own birth wreaths, but if you're not so handy with a glue gun, Etsy has a ton of artists who are willing to sell you their creations. Personally, I'm kind of partial to this creative design:

Of course, not everyone's a fan of the birth wreath trend. The snarkster at People I Want to Punch in the Throat writes,

I know what you're thinking. But Jen, when I gave birth I got flowers and cards and balloons and some meals. What more could I need? Well, girl, you missed out. Your birth experience wasn't perfect enough, because your ugly, drab hospital room door was completely and totally unadorned without a Birth Wreath. (...) Yup. You needed some bling on that brown, (probably faux) wood thing that just stood there sneering at your guests when they arrived to see your little miracle. How embarrassing for you! Is that how you want your friends, family, and hospital staff to remember your birth experience? What about you? Do you want to remember your friends and family turning up their noses at your horrible hospital-issue (probably handwritten -- the horror!!) signage? Baby Boy Jones. Ugh. You should be ashamed!

Heh. Oh, I do love a weird and bitter rant. But I can't join the wreath-bashers, I think it's a sweet and fun thing to do. Especially if I don't have to be the one making the damn thing. Viva la MasterCard!

What do you think of birth wreaths? Are they popular where you live?

Image via Etsy

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