Jessica Simpson's Second Baby Shower Sounds More Elaborate Than Her First (PHOTO)

Jessica Simpson baby shower
Some of Jessica Simpson's gifts
Every pregnancy is exciting. Whether it's your first, second, or fifth child, it's cause for a (non-alcoholic) champagne toast. But, is it cause for an elaborate baby shower? Some think so. Jessica Simpson had her second baby shower over the weekend, and while the whole event (yes, it was an event) sounds like it was adorable, was it really necessary?

First off, let me make something clear here -- I am not a Jessica Simpson hater. I think she's sweet and lovely and I may or may not own the entire Newlyweds series on DVD. But two balls-to-the-wall baby showers? Especially when the pregnancies are so close to one another? (It's not like Jess is dealing with baby stuff that's from the 1970s.) Seems a little bit like overkill.

I know that Jessica is having a boy this time around, so she wants to stock up on blue onesies instead of pink, and mini-Jordans instead of ballet flats, but -- just saying here -- can't she get all those things without a party? (She's rich!) Again, pregnancies are always beautiful, and they ought to be celebrated, but a Tom Sawyer-themed baby shower, complete with a grilled cheese station, just doesn't seem necessary this go 'round. I kind of feel like a "sprinkle" would have been more apropos here. But that's just me.

Regardless, congrats, Jess.

Did you have two or more baby showers?


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nonmember avatar Sarah

It is greedy and silly. I would like to think all the gifts were going to a charity, like some other celebs do, but so far nothing has been said about that, as a mom of three, there were definitely things I needed as the babies came, but I went out and bought them on my own. I would NEVER think to have another shower. I actually had girls want to have a shower for my third and I said no. If someone wants to bring a gift after the baby is born, fine, but to invite people to a shower, and expect gifts, is ridiculious

nonmember avatar Crystal

Totally agree! Not to take away from her having a second baby but couldn't she have had a celebration and donated the gifts to a local charity dealing with pregnant moms? Its not like she can't afford to buy things on her own...

Mom2f... Mom2fourlove

I had my kids 13 months apart and I did not have a second baby shower It seemed selfish to me and I'm not well off just getting by.

amnew... amnewlon8982

I attempted to refuse a baby shower for my second but friends and family did it anyway. Mainly my sis insisted that it happen because she was in the military at the time so it was special for her as well because she was not here for the birth of my second daughter. I am now pregnant with my third and attempted to refuse once again and was shot down by none other than my sister and a great mutual friend. They insisted and basically told me I have no choice because my sis, my only sibling, will be here for everything this time. I have made it clear that we have everything we need and do not want anyone to feel obligated to bring anything. It is however, just going to be a day when we can bring all our family together and have fun. It doesn't happen nearly as much as it should. So we will eat, play games and have a great time and I see nothing wrong with that. I purposely did not register anywhere strictly because I don't want or need anyone to buy us anything. But knowing our families, they will still want to spoil this one just like the first two.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Did one. My aunt wanted to throw a second since it was a boy with my second but I said no but loved the offer. Hell I just needed diapers and everyone got him some blue stuff after the birth. Amnewlon8982-I can see why you had the showers, military sis and all. I have heard of couple showers, guys bring beer girls bring diapers for those having more kids. That seems like a cool idea. Especially if you have the same sex kids, you can usually pass clothes down but diapers get to be super expensive.

Tripl... TripleC14

I don't understand the offense of subsequent showers. As long as the woman didn't organize it herself, who cares if her friends and family want to throw her a party and buy her gifts?? I hope all those who think it's greedy etc have never had a birthday party since their first, cuz you know, it's tacky to celebrate the same event more than once. Lol

nonmember avatar Dawn

I had two showers. However, the second was a totaly surprise given by my wonderful neighbors. There is a 7 year age difference between my two children and we had gotten rid of all of our baby stuff. The shower was lovely and simple. However, if my two children were close in age, there would have only been one shower.

nonmember avatar just saying

Times have changed & would you want to be the second sibling & know that no one wanted to celebrate your arrival. The second child is as important as the first. Has nothing to do with gifts etc but the excitement of a new baby regardless of the first or 10 th. They get to see just as there sibling that they were being as welcomed as the first.. its' all about health & well being & excitement for a new birth. Does being second mean your not entitled? NO Congrats Jess & ERIC on your impending new arrival

szinna szinna

My husband said the same thing as ^^^.  I didn't want another shower, and he said it was weird to have a party for our first, and nothing for our second.  So instead of friends throwing a real shower, we are having a BBQ to celebrate.  The invites say "no gifts please."  I realize people may still bring stuff, but I've tried to make it clear to anyone who asks that we really DO NOT want gifts, but just want people to come celebrate!

Elizabeth Berens

I had two showers the first one I threw (before people go off) it started out being a shower just for a friend that was pregnant you then flipped it and had it for the both of us.  My second one I had no idea about and ended up showing up to work for what I thought was a manager meeting and turned out it was a baby shower.  The second shower I donated most of the clothes and things like that to the Pregnancy Care Center because my family and my husbands family had already gotten everything our son needed at the time.

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