Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 9

weekly pregancy calendar week 9

Photo by bam61907Week 9

Time for our weekly check-in with Brittany (aka bam61907)! She's nine weeks along in her first pregnancy (that's a current shot of her belly above), and last week she wound up in the ER after an episode of bad cramping.

Here's the update on what's happening with a baby at nine weeks, what happened at Brittany's ER follow-up appointment, and what's going on in her life in general.


What's happening with the baby's development at week 9

What's up? Your kid's about an inch long now, has officially lost that embryonic "tail," major body parts are in place, and sex organs are present and accounted for (though it's still too early to tell one gender from the other yet.)

Here's what's happening with Brittany

Last week was a dramatic week with your trip to the ER -- how did your follow-up visit go?

My follow-up was good but my appointment was at 1pm and I didn't get taken back until 2 and didn't get seen until 2:30. I'm a very impatient person, so if I have an appointment, I expect to be taken back -- an hour and a half is ridiculous!

The doctor looked at the bleeding and I was told it had decreased to 1.7 cm, so it is getting smaller. The doctor said I still need to take it easy for the last few weeks of my first trimester.

But I wasn't happy with the doctor because she didn't get a good look at the baby (didn't zoom in) and didn't even check for a heartbeat. My husband was with me, thank God, because I was about to say something to her!

Well, good that things look better with the bleeding -- what's next?

Next I have my regular OB appointment on the 15th. I should be getting an ultrasound and hopefully it'll be a good picture! I haven't even met yet with my regular OB that I'll be visiting the rest of my pregnancy. The first appointment was just with the nurse and for blood work.

How have you been feeling physically this week?

Very tired and nauseous. I swear each morning I'm going to throw up, but I never do. It just sits at the top of my stomach. I hate this feeling. =(

And how have you been feeling emotionally?

I've been doing OK -- I just can't watch sad shows on TV or I'll burst out in tears. Sunday my husband and i were watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and hearing the family's story made me bawl like a baby. My husband finds it funny when I cry during shows!

Who's been offering support to you in these first early weeks?

My friends, family, and my husband have all been offering me a great amount of support. My friends and family come see me at my place instead of going out so I'm able to still rest with my feet up.

My husband has been amazing. He's been very supportive of the restrictions I've been given by the doctor. Yesterday we went to the Commissary on Post to go grocery shopping. We got so much food to stock up on and he had to unload it all from the truck while I just stood there holding the door.

He didn't complain once about me not being able to help unload. I did help put everything away because it doesn't involve me lifting. And he's been so helpful with cleaning -- he's very quick to offer a hand or even take over. I love it!

OK, on to other things -- what else is on your mind? The sex of the baby? Baby names? Something else?

I'm hoping my next appointment goes better -- I know i got good news, but I just feel like I was gypped because I waited an hour and a half for five minutes with the doctor. I'm so anxious for Christmas Day because it will be the first day of my second trimester!

As for baby names, we had chosen Nicholas Gavin for a boy and Taylor Jordan for a girl, but now Justin likes Gavin James for a boy and I like Taylor Madison. But my husband doesn't like Madison -- so we have no idea!

Any cravings?

I've been craving lots of chocolate and salty things!

What's the most surprising thing about being pregnant this week?

The fact that I've gained two pounds already and I'm only 9 weeks!

How are you feeling about pregnant life in general?

Pregnancy is amazing, but comes with a lot of unexpected things. I didn't expect to have this complication -- though I'm thankful for the good news from the doctor yesterday.

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