18 Totally Bizarre Things That Happen to Your Body When You're Pregnant

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pregnant bellyAfter hearing that Drew Barrymore grew a goatee during her pregnancy, I couldn't help but laugh and think about the crazy things that happened to my own body while I was expecting my son.

No, I didn't wind up with unwanted facial hair like she did; however, I broke out in zits all over my back, much to my dismay. It was somewhere around my fifth month, and I guess my hormones must have been in overdrive, because I had acne worse than I ever did as a teenager.

And that's not the only strange thing that occurred. One of my feet also appeared to be bigger than the other, which I'm assuming can be attributed to being swollen like a balloon for most of my pregnancy.

I figured that Drew and I probably aren't the only moms out there who experienced some pretty bizarre pregnancy symptoms -- and I was right.

In addition to the three weird symptoms she and I had, here are 15 more of the wackiest, most unexpected things that moms had happen to their bodies during pregnancy.

"I developed a varicose vein in my hoo-hoo and could barely sit down to pee. It was horrible." -- Anonymous

"My nose got bigger!" -- Angela

"I developed gout. Seriously. On my feet. I had to get a steroid shot in my toe. Hurt worse than labor! Never had it again." -- April

"The strangest thing that happened to me (that wasn't in any of the books I read) was that the hair from at least one (one time it was both) eyebrow fell out around month six in all three of my pregnancies. My OB ran all kinds of tests, but nothing was conclusive. It was so embarrassing." -- Jocelyn

"I got red streak highlights in my hair at my temples. The weirdest part? My son has red hair!" -- Buffy

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"With both of my pregnancies I developed PUPPS Rash -- pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy ... it was all over my belly and horribly itchy." -- Belinda

"I got tendinitis in both wrists. I had to get cortisone shots to help with the pain. Still painful after four months!" -- Meegan

"I got two dark patches on my forehead -- one over each eyebrow. Nine and a half months later and they're still visible!" -- Elizabeth

"Skin tag in my armpit. I also got a few random moles on my back and a dark freckle on my cheek. Nothing the dermatologist couldn't fix. The middle of the night Charlie horses that brought me to tears and all day sickness were the worst though. Not itching to do that again anytime soon." -- Sara

"Once in a lifetime foot odor. Stink people out of the car odor. Without taking off my shoes. Vicks under nose stink." -- @aminick76

"I started getting a lot of beauty spots on my body which disappeared two weeks after giving birth." -- @Hlehle_Oia

"Pregnancy rhinitis, couldn't breathe through nose entire nine months, then a large tumor on my gums, rough pregnancy." -- @shawndaj

"I would faint and have seizures. They said my daughter would lay on my main artery and that would happen." -- @ManicMomme

"My nose became swollen & it looked like a snout." -- @MyMotherfulLife

"The linea negra, that black line that runs from belly button on down to the exit runway." -- @GDRPempress

Have you had any really strange things happen to your body yet?


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linzemae linzemae

Carpal tunnel. Heel and tailbone pain from the moment I found out I was pregnant

mamma... mammadeeder

Carpal tunnel, morning (noon & night) sickness, pelvic girdle pain - with both pregnancies. The second pregnancy I had some really bad shoulder pain that my shoulders would grind & pop and the pain was so bad I was crying constantly (especially when trying to sleep)... All issues went away after birth!

Wheep... Wheepingchree

Right now I'm 14 weeks and I've had really bad knee and lower back pain. Also, not only do I hysterically cry at very little, I laugh hysterically. Like uncontrollable, start crying, have to excuse myself kind of laughter. I made myself laugh so hard, I threw up a few weeks ago. This pregnancy has been weird so far....

Caera Caera

All reasons to just adopt. I am never getting pregnant. 

Jade Wilson

I had SPD also known as symphysis pubis dysfunction. Talk about pain...

Kristen Renee Reavis

Excruciating pain in my hips and lower back it would take me almost an hour to finally be able to move because they would lock, walking made it worse it got to the point where my hips and back would lock when i was walking and i would just fall and not be able to move waist down for a moment or to then i would have to get help to get up. lasted through out my entire pregnancy i still have issues with my lower back. Oh and my blood pressure was high all of the time it got so bad i had to leave my 2nd semester of college and move out, the doc said that if i hadn't i probably would have hurt the baby or lost her. I was put on bed rest from my 5th month of pregnancy. thank god i was allowed to stay home. Praying my next pregnancy will be easier!!!

3grea... 3greatkids751

Blinding pelvic pain. I tried one of those maternity belts but nothing helped. It only happened when I was preggo with my son. My other kids not one time. I also had horrid bladder infections that developed into kidney infections. I had to be on antibiotics durning the entire preg once. And hospitalized 2 times for my kidneys. And my hubby wants one more...... Ya.... :-/

Shelby Roberts

i am very lucky!! i read this list and just can't believe what some go through for their children. i have only be sick twice and i have not experienced any crazy symptoms, just so tired all the time. in fact i have to constantly remind myself that i am carrying a child. i may not be so lucky next time!

nonmember avatar Anne

My nose was HUGE my first pregnancy, Placenta Previa my 2nd, Nothing really different with my third and now with my fourth (and final) pregnancy, I've gotten PUPPS, my first case of Hemmorhoids, awful vericose veins and the worst case of heartburn ever!

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