Kim Kardashian vs. Kate Middleton: Whose Pregnancy Is Healthier?

kate middleton kim kardashianWhy didn't I think of this before? It's so obviously time to compare Kim Kardashian's weight gain with Kate Middleton's. Join in the fun, everyone. Who is having the healthier pregnancy? Hungry-hungry-hippo Kim or "mommyrexic" Kate? Who's wearing the baby bump better?

Some are saying Kim's got the more healthy pregnant body, because you're supposed to get all big and squishy like that during pregnancy, aren't you? Others say it's Kate, because she's gaining weight gradually -- oh, no, actually, people are saying Kate is not gaining enough and obviously starving herself. Which is it, people?


Okay, it makes me sad that the term "mommyrexic" even exists. But anyway, I think the very notion that Kate would put her unborn child in peril just for the sake of staying skinny is insane. I'm sure she's being closely monitored by the Palace doctor and is gaining whatever is appropriate for her body. How do we even know how big she's getting? It's freezing there in England. She's always covered up in a big coat.

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Every woman's body is different, and every woman's body deals with pregnancy differently. Kate may still be having trouble keeping anything down. Even if she's gaining the recommended amount of weight, she's not going to look all that different with an extra 10-15 pounds. And she may just carry small -- I remember I definitely did. My own midwife kept sending me in for ultrasounds because my belly just did not look big enough to her.

As for Kim ... well, you could make the case that she's using pregnancy as an excuse to overindulge. If the tabloid reports are true, she's probably eating more fast food than is healthy. And I think it's going to be a challenge to lose the weight, but I also think the weight shows up more on Kim because she's got a different frame. She was voluptuous to begin with. And I have friends who gained a lot simply because they were voracious through their entire pregnancy. But again, that's between her and her doctor.

Plus, the range of healthy weight gain for pregnancy (15 to 40 pounds, depending on starting weight) is wide enough to include all kinds of shapes. There is no "ideal" pregnancy body -- only the most healthy pregnant body for you.

Do you think one of these pregnant ladies looks healthier than the other?


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