Dad-to-Be Prince William Might Have a Baby Name Picked Out But He's Not the One Giving Birth!

Kate Middleton pregnantIt's being reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided on a baby name, should the Duchess give birth to a boy: Philip. The name is obviously a nod to Wills' grandfather, Prince Philip, and it wouldn't be a shock as both William and Prince Charles have "Philip" in their names. Wills' full name is William Arthur Philip, and Charles' full name is Philip Arthur George. So yeah, wouldn't be shocking if it was in there somewhere.

But what is shocking is that, according to reports at least, if the couple is to have a son, Will gets the final say in the name. Bwah?


Again, this is a rumor, so who knows if it's true. I wouldn't doubt it if something like this were royal tradition, but at the same time, the Duke and Duchess seem like a modern couple who scoff in the face of convention. Guess we'll never know. But still -- it's an interesting issue.

Picking a baby name isn't always easy, as there are two people who have to be head-over-heels about the choice. You may love the name Eleanor so, so much, but if your partner hates it, it's a no-go. I remember thinking I had hit the jackpot when I thought of the name "Mick" before we knew the sex of baby. But when I told my husband, the wind was quickly sucked out of my sails, as he hated it. Crossed it off the list. 

However, if there are a few names on the table, and Mom and Dad just can't decide on one, I kind of think the woman should get to have the final say. After all, she did carry the baby for nine months (and is the one who will give birth). Think of it as a small token of appreciation. And odds are, everyone will eventually learn to love it.

Did one person have more say in your baby's name?

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