Kim Kardashian May Be Lying About Her Due Date -- but Why?

kim kardashianQuick! When is Kim Kardashian's baby due date? Do you know? Well, I don't know, either. That is because I have a life. But I do know she's pretty darn pregnant. Anyway, for people who are actually paying attention, you are officially on notice: Rumor has it Kim K may be lying about her due date.

The rumor goes something like this: Kim has gained SO MUCH WEIGHT (eye roll) that she wants to buy herself some time to lose that weight before presenting her baby and her post-pregnancy self to the world. And you know what? This is where we all need to stop and realize that the celeb pregnancy weight train has officially gone off the rails.

I guess the official word is that Kim is due in mid-July. But Page Six is saying it's actually more like mid-June. I don't know -- this plan of pretending the baby is born a full month later than it actually is sounds a little flaky. First of all, everyone who has ever seen a newborn baby is going to be able to tell the difference. A newborn looks like Yoda (in a beautiful, adorable way), and a month-old baby looks like a baby. Besides, Kim's just going to disappear from the tabloids for a full month? Yeah right! Like that's even possible at this stage in her life.

I don't buy it. But even so, that a rumor this insane even exists shows us all that we're way too obsessed with how much weight celebs gain during pregnancy. All those post-baby bikini photos are a little crazy-making, don't you think? Imagine the pressure! Can't a woman just be pregnant in the way her body wants to be pregnant without it turning into a PR disaster story?

Even if Kim is gaining SO MUCH weight, she's going to be just fine. She's short, for one thing, so she's going to look fuller just on account of there not being any place for that bump to go but everywhere. She may have some swelling. Honestly, I don't even think she looks that big. She's not like Jessica Simpson's last pregnancy. She's just gaining like any other woman would.

A more likely version of the rumor is that Kim is lying about her due date because she wants some privacy with her baby before the hordes descend. Now that I can understand!

Do you believe the rumor that Kim is lying about her due date?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Sarah

I don't care about Kim K., but a newborn does look just like a little Yoda!

Emi M Brown

i think she is because didnt kate m. get prego before her or similiar, yet kate doesnt look as prego as kim, so she might even have the baby sooner then june...but i think with kayne in the pic, she will have some privacy, i mean this past week eps. we just learned she was maybe she is changing...but omg what will she do with herself lol, but i bet she will crack sooner....heehee she loves the spotlight, i mean wouldnt you if you where that famous? I know i would lol.

nonmember avatar Carol cantell

She is fat...her clothes emphasize it.You don't wear full dresses and pencil skirts when you are pregnant. Who cares how fat she gets? All she does is eat and snack on the programs! She is short and has a huge rear and hips normally anyway, 100 years from now who will care? Time to grow up and face reality!!!!

nonmember avatar Cookster

In the grand scheme of things does anyone
really care? I am sick of Kim and her mom
Can't even stand in line at the grocery store
without them staring me in the face.

nonmember avatar Prettypinkie

Really Kim....Really grow up!! Now that you are going to be a mom everyone Thought you really would get a grip in LIFE or your life that is . Kim is going to have this beautiful baby and 'YES' I think a lot of us as women that have baby's would want sometime to be alone, Because of Kim being a First Time Mom she needs to Bond with her baby an have some one on one mommy time before things get crazy for her so with that said I would think all of us can understand to have time to get it together ,"But why lie about a do date ( so she can lose some pounds or whatever she wants to do with her body after having her baby). I feel Kim's going to have a Baby Girl but that's my own "Opinion", lol .......... But again who knows. [[=

hello... hellokd87

First of all, if you're sick of Kim then stop reading the articles & stop commenting that you're sick of her!! That's like saying I'm tired of junk food while stuffing my face with Doritos. It just makes you a hypocrite. Second of all, Kim is gorgeous, which is why I believe she has so many haters. I have the same figure as Kim, short & supet curvy, so I know the pain that is looking bigger due to lack of height. Regardless how much weight she gains or loses she still is & always will be beautiful!! Anybody who thinks otherwise is lying, jealous or blind!!

nonmember avatar Yari

I think Kim is beautiful and she can enjoy her pregnancy an her body however she chooses! If she gains too much she has the money to fix it. Don't like Kim? don't follow her updates it's easy as that! My opinion is that she is famous and very spoiled but she is a good person.

cecil... cecilyshortcake

Honestly, I don't think she should be defended about her weight gain. If you can't control what you eat when you're pregnant that's your own damn fault. When you gain so much weight that you look fat instead of even remotely pregnant coming from such a small figure, there's a problem. No sympathy for KK.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

If I were as notorious as her, I'd lie too. I don't know why people think it's related to weight. Think of how many celebs didn't disclose their due dates? They probably didn't want to be hoarded and have it get out when they go into labor.

nonmember avatar Danielle4

Kim K's pregnancy is the first celebrity pregnancy I'm interested about and that is mainly because Kim and Kanye are my favorite celebrity couple so for the first time I feel very invested in a pregnancy that involves people I don't really know. I wish them the best of luck and I'm really hoping she as well as other celeb moms won't push themselves too hard to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies.

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