Kim Kardashian's Latest Maternity Look Isn't as Bad as It Seems

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kim kardashian in billowy dress kris jennerEvery time Kim Kardashian steps out in public, she's in a new outfit, so of course, tongues start clucking about how she's rocking the bump in said outfit. But when we say "new outfit," it may not actually be, well, technically new ... What I mean is, despite being able to get her hands on any couture she could possibly want, I'm sure, it seems Kimmy has been borrowing some of her maternity wear from her big sis. Can't say I blame her! Knowing her, I doubt that once she's back to her pre-baby shape, she'll want to rock the same billowy styles she's been sporting as of late.

This past weekend, she went to church with mom Kris Jenner wearing a clingy, salmon-colored number that sorrrta -- at least in the wind -- looked like a baggy jumpsuit. But hey, whatevs. Betcha it wasn't even her dress! Look at it. Doesn't that scream Kourtney?!

There's no confirmation -- via Kim's blog, Instagram, Twitter, etc. -- that this was a hand-me-down dress. But I get the feeling it may have been, just because it looks more like Kourtney's signature maternity style (flowy, billowy, even with a little Middle Eastern flair) than Kim's. Though, it's hard to say what Kim's signature maternity style is yet ... but we know she tends to like tighter dresses as a rule.

Anyway, if it is Kourtney's, that might explain why it's not as flattering on Kim. Kourt's shape -- even whilst preggers -- definitely is more petite all over than Kim's, so she could basically wear a parachute and look cute! But hey, not that Kim didn't look cute here. The woman's six months pregnant and still looks glam, chic, and fab! Attacking this springy, comfortable look -- which certainly isn't a total fail -- is just plain silly. And really, to syc the fashion police on her at this point -- no matter what she's wearing -- is totally nuts.

What do you think about Kim's latest style? Do you agree it seems more like one of Kourtney's looks?

Image via Jacson/Splash News

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Victoria McGuire

Look again folks.  a woman supposedly 6 months along does not have a defined waistline.  The supposed baby bump should be right under her boobs, as all "normally" moms to be are.  She is faking it still. Then she'll surprisingly suffer a miscarriage due to the stress of Kris Humphries  lawsuit against her.  Oh "poor fake Kimye". So disgustingly gross.

Shandi80 Shandi80

Victoria, are you saying she's just chubby or has the fake pregnant tummy in the wrong spot? What if there's a secret surrogate! I MUST KNOW MORE, surely you must have a crystal ball to be able to predict such information!

Melis... MelissaListens

Victoria, you're insane. I didn't even LOOK pregnant with a bump under my boobs until almost 8 months along. NOT ALL WOMEN CARRY THE SAME. :p  

Alynn74 Alynn74

I think the more she tries to emphasize the waistline that she no longer has-which btw, is nothing for her to be ashamed of losing while pregnant so it's really sad that she is-just makes her look like she has gained a ton of weight and that's why everyone is "picking" on her.

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