What Halle Berry's Age Means for Her Pregnancy

Halle BerryRecent news that Halle Berry is pregnant was a big surprise to everyone, including Berry herself, but it's definitely a happy surprise. Her daughter Nahla is adorable, and we can only imagine the gorgeous child she and her fiance Olivier Martinez are going to create.

As exciting as the news is, however, it's also tinged with a bit of concern due to Berry's age. She doesn't look it, but she's 46, and that means her eggs, and her uterus, and all of her body parts are 46 years old too, no matter how fantastic they look. 

So what does that mean for her and her baby ... besides the fact that she's going to 64 when the kid graduates high school?


According to experts, women in their 40s are at greater risk for things like gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, breast cancer, and miscarriage. However, a woman's overall health is "huge factor in the outcome of pregnancy," Dr. Petra M. Casey told CNN.

So that's definitely in her favor, as she seems to be pretty much the epitome of health. Experts also say that that because of advances in technology, pregnancy after age 35 isn't as risky as it used to be. Dr. Martin Chavez told USA Today, "The paradigm has drastically changed because of noninvasive tests that are available now. It's no longer the case of doom and gloom."

The chances of having a child with Down syndrome at age 46 are approximately 1 in 18. However, there are plenty of early tests that can detect that, and while I don't know, my guess is that she waited to announce her pregnancy until after she had some kind of testing done. Reports say she's 12 weeks along, which would definitely allow for that.

She does have diabetes, which can add complications, but Dr. Ranit Mishori told CNN that typically only happens if it isn't managed.  "We're assuming with Halle Berry that she'll have top medical care and good nutrition. In that case everything could be fine for her and her baby."

We're all certainly hoping it is. The fact is that any pregnancy is filled with some risk, and the best we can do is relax, take care of ourselves, and hope and pray for the best no matter what our age. And I'm sure that's just what Berry is doing.

Would you have/have you had a baby in your 40s?


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