Woman Gives Birth in 4-Star Hotel After Hospital Turns Her Away

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hotel bathroomI'm sure the linens were much nicer, but beyond that, a woman's recent birth experience in a four-star hotel was anything but ideal. She should have been delivering her baby in the hospital across the street, but they didn't think she was ready. They were wrong.

According to The Huffington Post, Michelle Booth started feeling contractions one day last month, so she and her partner, Richard Eades, hopped in a taxi and headed to their London hospital, as planned. Only when she got there, a midwife looked her over and said she wasn't dilated far enough and that she should come back when she was in full labor.

Booth said she felt further along, but they weren't given any other choice than to leave.

She didn't think she could handle the ride home with all the speed bumps along the way though. Instead, they saw the fancy Radisson Edwardian Grafton hotel across the street, and decided to check in there and relax for awhile.

"All the staff were brilliant and upgraded us and we joked about room service, and promising them we won't have a baby," she told the site. Only they broke that promise.

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After a call to the hospital in which she was told "you're still not there, it's very early days," she said she felt an urge to push. She didn't think it could possibly be the baby, but it turns out it was. She told the Telegraph:

I thought 'imagine if I'm giving birth' -- that's the sort of thing you only hear about on TV. Then I put my hands down and felt a baby's head on the wrong side of my body.

Using hypnotbirthing techniques they'd learned in a prenatal class, and a duvet to stifle her screams, their son was born in the bathroom of their hotel suite just a few hours after the hospital turned them away. Dad caught the little guy, who weighed in at a not-so-little 8 pounds, 8 ounces. His name: George Reggie Eades -- Reggie being inspired by the hotel's initials. 

Room service came in handy too. After the baby arrived, she said, "I phoned reception and said, 'This is room 239, we've just had a baby, would you kindly send some paramedics.'"

They did, and mom and baby were carried across the street to the hospital. Both are currently doing well, thankfully, but wow. How could the hospital be so wrong? I'm sure there are plenty of first-time mothers who arrive when they're not ready, but just sending away a woman who says she feels like she's ready seems pretty risky. The very least the hospital can do is to pay their hotel bill, right?

Can you imagine giving birth in a hotel?


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Katy Khan

wow...what does dilation have to do with checking into the hospital? That's insane! 

nonmember avatar Tammy

When I went into Labor with my second, they tried to send me away because my first had lasted 23 hours. I said "no, I think it will be soon" So I sat in the lobby for 20 min and bam, it was time. They were rushing around and had to hurry to break my water and catch him. Idiots. I was so mad.

miche... micheledo

Before I even opened this, I knew it was England. They have more births that happen outside the hospital unintentionally because they just don't have the rooms necessary for themoms. They just don't have the space or resources. They probably turned her away because she wasn't dilated enough and they couldn't risk filling up a room that another mom might need (supposedly) sooner.

I have actuall ythought of giving birth i na hospital. If I couldn't find a midwife I thought I would get a hotel room close to the hospital and birth there. No need to go to the hospital though, unless there was an emergency.

Susan Juanita Owen-Furman

i had this happen to be 23 yrs ago the hospital sent me home went home 1 hr later I had my daughter weighing in a 4 lbs 9 ozs ya

thatg... thatgirl70

It's funny how we know our own bodies, even when we're giving birth for the first time. I was induced, but I felt when my water broke. No, the nurses insisted I just peed on myself. When they decided to check me an hour later, sure enough, my water had broke. I felt my son when he was beginning to crown, no no can't be, you're not dilated enough, but they still checked, yep, sure enough, he was on his way. Really, listen to us, LOL.

Dee Gabel

With my second child I was 1 centimeter and they wanted to send me home. I said no way. They didn't call the Dr. who was at home. 20 minutes later I feltlike I needed to push. The Nurse said I was imaging things. She checked me and there was my daughters head. The Dr. never made it to the hospital till my daughter was 45 minutes old.

Chasidy Daugherty Reynolds

When I had my oldest son I was 36 weeks, of course the hospital staff wouldn't listen to me either, I was told that it was "braxton hicks" and to go home because "it wasn't time for my baby to be born" They were WRONG ! After being sent home, my mother took me right back up there, they put me in a room, hooked me up to the monitor and LEFT ! No one came in to check on me, until my water broke ! Then they realized that I was in fact in labor, and called my OB/GYN in . By the time he got there my labor was so far progressed that I couldn't have anything for pain. I had a natural birth, because they waited to long, and didn't listen to me.

AmyQ1985 AmyQ1985

It's unfortunate, but labor and birth are unpredictable, and hospitals deal with all diets of women who think they're in labor or have many hours before they're ready. They can't just let every pregnant woman hang out because they're nervous, especially in more crowded countries. You can't really blame anyone on this one. It sucks, but it happens on occasion.

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