Kim Kardashian Flashes Bare Baby Bump -- Wait 'Til You See (PHOTO)

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kim kardashian baby bumpLet's be honest here: It's easy to poke fun at Kim Kardashian. With her 72-day marriage, 72-inch false eyelashes, and rise to stardom all thanks to a sex tape, it doesn't take a PhD to know why she's the punchline of many-a-joke. But when you see Kim Kardashian's bare baby bump, you can't help but go, Awww! There's a wittle baby in there! How cuuuute!

Kim recently posted a photo to Instagram with her t-shirt pulled up, naked baby bump on full display, along with the caption: "Baby love." And I mean, come on, even if you're the most vehement of Kim haters, it's hard to deny the overall adorableness of this. Pregnancy! Babies! Yay!

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You know, I'm glad that Kim decided to share a picture of her pregnant belly on the Internet. Would I do that? HAHAHAHA -- no. But the woman posts 500 photos a day of her doing mind-numbingly mundane things like getting her makeup done, eating a salad, or working out -- this is at least something.

If we went the entire nine months of Kim's pregnancy without seeing a photo of her baby bump -- her actual baby bump, linea nigra and all -- I think we all would have been a bit disappointed. Okay, maybe not you, Smart Person Who Drinks Nespresso and Reads The New York Times, but the rest of us. We've been seeing Kim's growing belly stuffed into tight peplum dresses and high-waisted pants for months now. It was time for her to unleash that bump unto the world.

Congrats, Kim. That's an awfully cute belly.

Are you surprised Kim posted a baby bump pic, or are you more like, Duh?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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jalaz77 jalaz77

Yea not surprised.

nonmember avatar yvette

Cute. It's good she did this, people were saying she was faking her pregnancy which is crazy.

nonmember avatar Jamie

of the arm that is holding the camera (its not her shirt); 2nd pic- Mysterious black triangle to the side of top of her pants right under her belly (notice that it is not seen in the first pic); These pics were definitely edited...

Mommi... MommietoJB

The first pic is photoshopped look under her left elbow and her boob the dressing rooms missing and it appears white, its not her shirt either. I think shes preggers but I do think she alters her belly and sometimes wears things to enhance the pregnancy look.

mamanas mamanas

Now let me get the right.....people are concerned about Halle's ripe old age compared to this young, dumb and stupid girl ? Kim, Jessica, and so many of these girls are the finest example of why woman need to wait until they grow Ripe and Old before having kids.

Kelsey Spell

the only reason i would think its photo shopped is bc she is in the same exact stance same position everything from the light off the flash t the reflection of the flash is EXACTLY the same her foots in the same exact spot n everything all except her shirts up int the second one (whitch alsio honestly is not hard to photo shop) BUT if it is real she looks great!!  and if she did not share any pregger photos rumors would probably spread like they did with beyonce saying she was not at all ever pregnant. 

Jenn Jabber Hughes

Comparing this photo she took herself to all the ones the paparazzi has taken of her gaining weight. either those dumb celeb magazines have altered their photos to make her look bigger, or she had these ones altered around her bottom and thigh area. I believe that is her belly, but anyone who has read or seen anything about her recently, she has complained about the large amount of weight she has already put on from this pregnancy. My opinion would be she had these altered to make that cute preggo picture where only the belly got rounder and nothing else grew bigger. which most of us mama's already know it's harder said than done.

stara... starandseen

I think she is nuts. She can't even post a candid photo without editing it. It is *impossible* that if she did indeed lift up her shirt that her right fingers are split apart in exactly the same position as the left pic as well as placing the hand back on the exact same spite. Also impossible to hold the camera at the exact height again. The flash can't possibly be the same either.

I don't know What this woman is trying to do. Why not just take two separate pictures instead of editing one? That would be much easier.

posh777 posh777

Beyonce was never pregnant but that is a topic for another day

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