Halle Berry Pregnant at 46 -- Hope She's Rested!

Halle Berry Olivier MartinezThere's some good news in the Halle Berry camp this week. Word has it the gorgeous Oscar winning actress is pregnant with baby number two! Talk about one brave move from this mama.

You wouldn't know it to look at her, but Berry is 46 years old. That means she's more than a decade past what doctors term the beginning of the "advanced maternal age."

Her 47th birthday is in August, and considering she's reportedly just about three months along, by the time the actress gives birth, she'll likely be 47.

So what is Berry crazy?

I don't think so. If anything, she knows what she wants, and she's going to get it. She's brave.

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Just a few years ago when she was pregnant with now 5-year-old Nahla Aubry, Berry made it clear she wanted at least two kids. Unfortunately, life dealt her a crappy deck. She had a bitter break-up with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry to get through before she met fiance (and reported father-to-be) Olivier Martinez.

Now she and Olivier finally have their chance to have a child together. Good for them!

That's not to say Halle isn't taking a risk here. Getting pregnant after age 35 increases a woman's chances of everything from genetic disorders to prenatal medical and obstetric complications. Not to mention she now has to balance the exhausting job of parenting a just-turned 5-year-old with the exhausting job of carrying a baby around in your belly for nine months.

I have a 7-year-old, I'm not pregnant, I'm only in my 30s, and I'm exhausted! Just thinking about this whole thing makes me want to go take a long nap!

But it's not as if it CAN'T be done. According to the statistics, 1 in 5 American women now have their first baby at age 35 or beyond, and that includes Berry. She was 41 when got pregnant with Nahla, and the complications she experienced were no worse than any other woman's -- morning sickness, hot sweats...

And hey, she's rich. She can hire a nanny to help her out. Not to mention Olivier looks like he's pretty good with kids -- just check out that sweet picture of him carrying Nahla above. She's in good hands.

What do you think of Halle's big pregnancy announcement?


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miche... micheledo

Congrats to her!!!

Much is made about the risk factor as you age, but it is only a couple of percentage points.  It really isn't THAT big of a risk.  I think too much is made of it.  But then I will be a mom again at the 'advanced' age of 38.  :D

k_hal... k_hall1784

Congrats to the both of them! I however wouldn't dare. I am 28 and my youngest is 2 (3 in May) and I'm happy. DH wants more, but I told him I refuse to have any kids past 25. My youngest barely made it with being born within one month of my 26 birthday. lol. I just don't want to be "old" chasing toddlers unless they are my grandkids. When I'm 46, my youngest will be 21 (oldest 28) and that's fine with me. 

bcaus... bcauseimthemom

She really doesn't have to worry about being rested... she does have the money to afford a nanny if needed...

jalaz77 jalaz77

I can't be happy for her. Sorry, but she plays games with the father of her current child. All the drama....She will

also be in her 60's when the kid will be graduating high school. Pretty selfish if you ask me. However it's just an opinion which won't matter to her anyways.

Samfan97 Samfan97

Congrats to her! I to each their own re: when people have kids. She isn't crazy old IMO. Then again, my husband and I met later in life after getting our education and establishing careers. I will be 34 when my second baby is born and I see nothing wrong with that. Really, what's another 12 years?

nonmember avatar Tj


nonmember avatar courtneyc

I agree with Jalaz77. I think its selfish to have kids at that age especially bc doctors warn against it, unless of course you've had trouble conceiving. They're not just telling ppl not to for fun. Health risks aside, i don't think its fair to the child that she'll be so old when it graduates, etc. Plus she already has problems with Nahla's dad. Oh well, i wish her good luck.

mami_... mami_princesas

Congratulations to her! I had my 1st baby at age 29, 2nd at age 37, 3rd at age 38 1/2 and my 4th baby which I had last year at age 41! It took me 6 years and 2 miscarriages before I had my 1st baby. I had a lot of problems after my 1st baby with getting pregnant as well and again 2 miscarriages before having my 2nd. After my 3rd I had a miscarriage again and thought that was it when we got surprised in December of 2011. We were blessed with our 4th baby and she was healthy even at the advanced maternal age. I think it is great that at her age she can have another baby. I know that I will be 60 when my last baby is 18 but that is okay that's still considered young!

Ophelia Freckleton

nonmember you sound jealous she can take care of her child so all people should do is give her well wishes if you have nothing good to say shut up please, congrats halle and oliver

thing... thingz123

I had my last at 41. She's in terrific shape, she can afford to get as much help as she needs, her fiance is definitely going to help, she's gonna be fine. I never felt like an old, aching woman who couldn't keep up with any of her kids, and I didn't even have my first until 34. You're only as old as you feel.

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