Kim Kardashian's New Pregnancy Craving Isn't So Bad This Time

kim kardashianI don't mean to alarm anyone, but Kim Kardashian likes frozen yogurt. The startling realization comes after she was photographed chowing down on the cold, creamy treat in L.A. wearing a white, flowy sheet. It's to be assumed that the pregnant reality star is now craving froyo, which she tops with fresh fruit, not candy.

I hope you're sitting down, because it gets even more interesting, if you can believe it.

She also had Mexican food recently, and almost decided that the beans covered in cheese covered in sour cream weren't worth the hassle of the insane mass of paparazzi waiting for her at the restaurant, but alas settled on braving the buzzing photogs for a chance at a hot plate of tacos, or whatever.

The poor thing has been getting a lot of flack recently for her weight gain, and damn, that must suck for her. I mean, it sucks for us, too -- she's more inescapable now than ever before -- but I'm halfway certain it's worse for her.

It's been reported that Kim has been enjoying fried chicken, mac 'n cheese, risotto, and decadent desserts, all which have allegedly leading to her 200 pound "nightmare".

What Kim calls a pregnancy indulgence of epic proportions, I call a Tuesday.

Anyway, everyone raise their cups of over-priced frozen yogurt and cheers to Kim and her little Kimbryo. As Mother Teresa once said, there's nothing wrong with a little fucking Pinkberry every now and again, so eat up, bitches.

Did you crave frozen yogurt while pregnant? Do tell.


Photo via Splash News

eating for two, kardashians


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chech... chechimansmama

She's fucking 5'2 she us nowhere near 200 lbs. And just cuz she ate froyo once doesn't mean its her new craving. What example are we giving women. That If u gain more than the 15-25 lbs while pregnant Ur outta control and Ur a at pig. She's pregnant leave her alone. It's annoying enough ee all get unsolicited advice while pregnant she must feel like crappy looking at all these tabloids.

nonmember avatar Ashley

I feel like stylistically she has gone from one extreme to the other, neither if which is that flattering in the way her body looks currently. If she just went to GAP bought a white maternity tee, some maternity jeans and accessorized it with some fun jewels or a scarf she'd look so much more refreshed! Also, you can tell she hasn't been using the 'tox and her face (under the bronzer) looks the best is has in years.

nonmember avatar Elisabeth

There are so many pics of Kim getting froyo throughout her pregnancy. nothing wrong with that. I feel the bigger problem isn't hour much she weighs or what she is eating but rather how she is dressing. That's what is drawing attention to her. I'm completely confused by Kim. I saw her in the different outfits, the above white dress, leather pants and a creamish top and workout apparel. In all three her belly looked different. She hardly had one in the leather pant outfit but looks pregnant in the dress and workout fear. I've never been pregnant but does the size and look of your pregnant belly change in appearance so much in the course of a day.....I'm talking from non existent to fully pregnant.

nonmember avatar blue

I'm nor Kardashian fan, but I feel badly for her. She is getting really, REALLY wide...but still doesn't really look all that pregnant. That's got to be a terrible stage to be in, with the whole world watching. Who cares what she eats, or wears? It's getting really mean.

Meg Moore

dear god.the woman has the money to hire someone to dress her in a more flattering fashion,why wont she use that option?

nonmember avatar SheniquaK.

Poor woman is going to be as big as a house by the time this is over.

nonmember avatar SheniquaK.

@chechimansmama are you kidding me? I bet she's more than 200 pounds. Look at the size of those bosoms! They're close to 200 pounds each!

Angela Cichowski

I do not personally care how much she gains as long as she has a healthy babywho will have an amazing life. I gained over 200 lbs with my pregnancy and have almost lost all of it after five years. Kim you are amazing an size does not matter. You be happy and your baby will be happy. My best wishes to you all.

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