Jessica Simpson & BFF CaCee Cobb Show Off Matching Baby Bumps

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jessica simpson cacee cobbBe still my beating heart, Jessica Simpson and her best friend CaCee Cobb are, in a word, adorable. CaCee posted a picture to her Facebook page of the two of them showing off their baby bumps and goddamn it, it's cute. Jessica, who's pregnant with her second child (daughter Maxwell was born, like, yesterday) is due August 3, and CaCee, who's pregnant with her first, is due in July.

Jessica's been on a role recently with her enviable baby and pregnancy pics. I mean, when she and sister Ashlee posed for this pic with baby Maxwell, pretty sure everyone let out a collective "awwww."

And now, with baby number two and son number one on the way, it's awesome that she can share her recent wisdom about all-things pregnancy with her best friend. Jessica and CaCee have been together longer than any of their other relationships, and I can remember when Cace would visit Jess on Newlyweds.

Ah, those were the days. I can recall watching that episode and thinking a) I wish I was best friends with Jessica if only so I could pound Miller Lites (Lachey Lites, for the initiated) with Nick Lachey and b) I wish I had CaCee's hair.

Now they're all grown up and having babies. It must be really fun to be pregnant at the same time as your best friend -- you can share clothes, share tips, share horrifying stories about peeing your pants a little, and share your joy and total panic with someone who completely understands.

Unless, of course, one of them bitches keeps her thin thighs, then pregnancy friendship OVER.

Were you and a friend pregnant at the same time?


Photo via CaCeeCobb/Facebook

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Disso... Dissolutions

lol oh my gosh yes actually i swear something was in the water when i got pregnant because i had 6 friends that were pregnant and our kids are all a few months apart, but one of my friends and i did give birth on the same day and our kiddos are 20 mins apart. i LOVED being pregnant with my friends, lots of support all around!

BabyL... BabyLadyG12

I have a friend due 3 months ahead of me, and a lot of the wives of my husband's friends are due a month or 2 before me.

Where did Jessica Simpson's due date come from?  I haven't seen that anywhere else, and it seems where that she would say a particular date!

linzemae linzemae

My best friend was due 7 weeks before me. Our daughters ended up being exactly 4 weeks apart.

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