Brothers Have Babies an Hour Apart in a Funny Twist of Fate (VIDEO)

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nick and dave pereira

OMG. This story is SO gonna give you chills. In what has to be about a once in a blue moon thing -- two brothers welcomed babies about an hour apart at the very same hospital in Long Island.

When Nick Pereira arrived at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola with his wife, Beth, he texted his brother Dave Pereira to let him know they were about to welcome their second child into the world. And the response he got from his brother was most definitely not what he was expected. Dave told him that he and his wife, Claudia, had already been in the labor and delivery ward for a couple of hours. (Crazy, right?)

The two women wound up giving birth about 50 minutes apart. Nick and Beth welcomed a baby boy, Nathaniel, and Dave and Claudia welcomed a baby girl, Gwyneth.

And if brothers having babies less than an hour apart isn't amazing enough, wait till you watch this video clip and hear about a premonition of sorts they had upon learning their wives were pregnant at the same time.

Sooooo, do you have goosebumps yet? Isn't it funny how they asked themselves "what if the babies arrived on the same day" -- never believing that it would actually happen? (Seriously, what are the odds?)

And then when Beth said that when she went into labor, she asked her husband to call his brother and check on Claudia "just in case," -- it's like she had another gut feeling that they were going to deliver together.

Doesn't it blow your mind a little that these families had not one, but two moments of thinking their little ones would make their entrances into the world right around the same time?

I can't imagine anything more special than sharing the birth of your baby with someone you've had a strong bond with for your entire life. (And what a story these brothers will have to tell their son and daughter as they grow up.)

Have you had any sort of premonition or gut feeling about your delivery?


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mrssu... mrssundin

This happened to my brother and sister in law. The brothers wife was in labor and then my husband's sister showed up in labor and they were both born on July 2 of the same year same hospital too lol.

nonmember avatar Dom

My mom had a gut feeling about my son being born...he was due two days before my 21st birthday, but my mom told me from the beginning 'you're going to have him on your birthday, I promise!' And sure enough, Brendan was born on my birthday within 30 min of when I was born 21 years earlier! (Different hospital though since I delivered at a brand new one)

JennLinn JennLinn

So the first brother had been at the hospital for hours & never let the other brother know? Seems weird he wouldn't tell him his wife was in labor first.

nonmember avatar JMC

My sister and I had babies 20 hours apart in the same hospital, in rooms next door to each other. Where is our news story? :)

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