Vitamin D Deficiency Could Cause Severe Pregnancy Complications

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pregnant"Take your vitamins" is probably one of the most heard words a pregnant woman hears. We really need to listen. A new study has suggested a link between being deficient in vitamin D and gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, various infections, fetal growth restriction, and c-sections. The bad stuff. The stuff we don't want to happen.

I read some studies and get very skeptical about these supposed links, but this one makes sense to me. My son was fetal growth restricted. I ended up having a c-section from late onset preeclampsia. I'm deficient in vitamin D.

The researchers at the University of Calgary in Canada do admit there isn't a lot of information on why, but after looking at around 1,000 pregnancy and birth outcomes they saw that women with low levels of vitamin D had increased risk of these complications. It was enough of a risk to be concerned.

Many of us are vitamin D deficient, particularly when we are pregnant, and especially during a high risk pregnancy. I wish I knew this info when I was pregnant! And if you were already deficient in D prior to getting pregnant (like me), that could also be an issue. I guess I could be called proof of this. This vitamin deficiency is also common in vegetarians, those with limited sun exposure, and women with darker skin.

Right now the researchers are looking into more trials to figure out if "strategies to optimize vitamin D concentration are effective in improving pregnancy and neonatal outcomes." That's good. More details are needed. We need to know more about prevention for preeclampsia because far too many women get it and it's life-threatening for mom and baby. In the meantime, I think moms-to-be should be getting their sunshine on, making sure they are taking their vitamins, and eating foods with vitamin D. Fish, eggs, and mushrooms anyone?

What do you think of this study?


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eleph... elephantmamaof2

Interesting! I had preeclampsia with both, which ended in a csection for the first and I found out about a year ago that I was severely vit d deficient.

jessy... jessyroos

I'm not surprised to see this research coming out of U of C. I live in Calgary, and we have an extremely high rate of Seasonal Affective Disorder and vitamin D deficiency. The weather here gets to be drastically cold and windy and our winter can last as long as October to May. I discovered last year that I was vitamin D deficient and began taking D Drops daily. My mood and energy level were dramatically improved this last winter.

Felly... FellyScarlett

It can also lead to different kinds of cancer and bone diseases, and heart disease. I myself have osteomalacia due to vitamin d deficiency. Not fun guys, take your vitamin d.

Katy Khan

What? This is old news. Researchers gave pregnant women 4k iu vitamin d3 daily throughout their pregnancies and the rate of pretty much everything bad went down to almost nothing. I'm supplementing for my next pregnancy with dr. approval. 

nonmember avatar Winter Queen

I suffer from severe Vitamin D Deficiency due to PCOS Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Doctors didn't tell me this. They couldn't figure out why. I did the research and found out for myself.

krist... kristaleigh84

fascinating. I was Vit D deficient, before the pregnancy, got pregnant with twins (naturally) and then had gestational diabetes...awesome. I also had a C-section. Also have PCOS...I wonder if thats why..after reading Winter Queen's comment. either way interetesting facts.

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