Grandma-to-Be's Over-the-Top Reaction to Pregnancy News Is a Sure Sign She Should Be Kept Out of the Delivery Room (VIDEO)

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Dorothy BathelsonWe've seen a lot of great reactions from family members when they learn a loved one is pregnant. We've never seen anything quite like the one from this woman though.

Ashley and Michael Krauter of North Carolina decided to surprise her parents with their big news on her dad's 60th birthday. They gave the grandpa-to-be a box with running shoes, telling him he'll need them to stay speedy for years to come. When he reads a card that says, "Grandpa, some birthdays are more special than others," it all starts to click, and grandma starts to flip. I mean really flip. Warning: You may want to turn down the volume on your computer before watching.

That poor dog! She scares the bejeezus out of it. Then she keeps going with the most over-the-top, enthusiastic reaction of all time.

"Dorothy, come on, quit crying," the dad tries. But she just won't stop. She goes on and on with, "I can't believe it." Over and over.

This woman clearly cannot be allowed into the delivery room. I mean, it's sweet that she's so excited, and I have no doubt she'll be a devoted grandmother. But can you imagine how she's going to act when that baby actually arrives?

How did your relatives react when you told them you were pregnant?


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linzemae linzemae

My baby is in the nicu and my husband had to kick his mom out because she is just too loud and hyper!

Kattey Kattey

It's so cute how exited that woman is.

falco... falconchick9

i thought my mother in law would act lik that. but she just layed her head down on th counter.

Desiree Byrd

Well at least she was happy. My husband's mom was mad at me because I got pregnant too soon. My son and daughter are 13 months apart. :-)

Angel Christian

When I was pregnant with my son, and i told my mom all she said was " i know". She didn't have much of a reaction at the time. I was worried she wasn't very happy about it. But just turned out that the supposed anti depressant she was on back then, wasn't doing what it was suppose to.


Sharon Stoker

mine where less than enthusiastic...I was 41 with my second child...shocked may be a better adjective!

Erica D'Ann Cottrill

My mom just simply said " it hurts". Thanks for the pep talk mom.

DJMam... DJMama111105

That was awesome :) Made my night.

Bloom... Bloom4ever

when I told my Mom was pregnant for the 1st time she reacted by going out and buying new baby clothes...and we didn't even know WHAT we were having yet lol

Emma-Lee Stringer

My parent's reaction was great, but I remember these exact words from my nana when I was nearing the due date and asking about what labour was like. She said, "Yes it's a grim think your gonna die...but you don't die"...I must say, she wasn't far off lol

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