Gender Revealing Paint Fights Are an Elaborate Way to Find Out Baby's Sex

pink paintJust when you thought pregnant couples were running out of ways to take over the Internet and maybe the world, there are now gender-revealing paint fights. For a gender-revealing paint fight, you will need the following: The sex of your baby written down on a piece of paper; a third party who knows the sex of your baby (you do not know the sex of your baby); a can of pink or blue paint; clothes you don't care about; a photographer; your dignity (just kidding!).


The way a gender-revealing paint fight works is you have the sex of your baby written down on a piece of paper by your doctor. You do not look at this paper. You want to, but you don't. You then go to your local hardware store and pick up two small cans of paint (no VOC, please) -- one pink, one blue. You invite a third party member and a photographer (obvs) over to your house, and have the third party look at the sex, then hand you the can of paint that pertains to the gender (blue is for boys, pink is for girls). You and your partner then close your eyes. You throw paint onto each other like lunatics while a photographer captures every magical splatter. Then you open your eyes. You now know what you're having. Congrats. That concludes the gender-revealing paint fight.

Now, while I think it's cool to have a fun and special way to find out or reveal the sex of your baby, I've gotta say: This seems rather elaborate. Sure, it would be fun to open up your eyes and discover: It's a girl! But can't the same affect be achieved with a gender-revealing cake? Or with one of those pink and blue balloon releases? Or hell, even just finding out by your doctor is exciting! Being covered in paint just seems ... uch, like a lot of work.

But for those who've been there, painted that, and loved it -- congrats. I don't want to rain paint on anybody's parade here -- especially a pregnant lady's -- but for the record, this is way too much for me.

How did you reveal the gender of your baby?


Image via Ms..G/Flickr

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