Mom Delivers 15-Pound, 7-Ounce Baby -- Naturally! (VIDEO)

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15 pound babyHoly cow. Have you heard about the British mom who gave birth to a 15-pound, 7-ounce baby boy a few weeks ago? No, I'm not kidding. Much to his parents' surprise, baby George King made his entrance into the world weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds, 7 ounces -- and he's believed to be the second largest baby delivered vaginally in the U.K.

Whoops! I probably should've mentioned that part first -- George's mom, Jade, gave birth to him the old-fashioned way. As in she pushed him out -- all 15 pounds, 7 ounces of him.


As you will hear in this video clip, no one had any idea how large "little" George was until the birth was well underway -- so it turned into a pretty scary ordeal.


What a miracle that he is ok! I can't even imagine how scared Jade must have been -- and I still can't seem to get past the fact that she gave birth to a baby that big naturally.

To put things into perspective on what pushing out an almost-16-pound child must have felt like, here are a few comparisons of other things that weigh that much.

Three bags of flour or sugar

Two human heads

Two gallons of milk

Three standard-sized coffee makers

Four small laptop computers

A small flat-screen TV

Five boxes of wine

Three 2-liter bottles of soda

A bag of dog food

Eight pineapples

A small dog

Five human brains

Two full-term newborns (duh)

Wow. Using those examples to form a visual picture of how that delivery went down really takes Jade's ordeal to a whole new level.

How big is your baby expected to be at birth?


Image via NewsInWorldNow/YouTube

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Céilidh Nicholls

This put my induction yet natural (no pain killers or epidural) 9lb 6oz baby delivery to shame.

areyo... areyouatroll

You mean you can give birth to a baby over 8 lbs and you don't have to have a c section? Don't tell that to the ladies on cafemom...

mande... manderspanders

At my 20 week ultrasound, it weighed the baby at 13oz ( 2oz) and his leg measurements were more equivalent to a 24 wk baby...  BUT I fully expect him to be high on the growth charts - I was 8lb 4oz and my husband 8lb 14oz at birth.  We are big people: as in, I am 6ft tall and my husband is 6'3" and built like a small/petite frames here.  If the baby has our dominant genes, then he should be built like us as well.

I'm not worrying too much about it. We should all know by now that fetal weight cannot really be accurately determined, especially as the pregnancy reaches later stages. Ultrasounds in the third trimester are notoriously wrong at predicting birth weight.

My friend gave birth naturally to a 10lb baby... and I was shocked. But nearly 16lbs... that's a bowling ball!

Kaeylyn Hunt

Yup,puts my 9lb12 OZ'er delivered Natural(no epidurals or Inductions) to all sorts of shame!@areyouatroll,LOL!You are SO not JOKING!I hope mama&baby are doing well.I just can't imagine how she's going to carry him in a sling.XXXL maybe?Use a Curtain instead of a towel for it?LOLCongrats to them both,that was HARD work!

femal... femaleMIKE

Don't forget to mention that the baby got stuck and was without oxygen for 5 minutes.  Their were complications.  I think the baby went home four weeks after birth.

I am sure if they had known all this, they would have gone for the c section.

femal... femaleMIKE

*There not "their"

anono... anonomyssy

Those weight comparisons are a joke, the length of the baby matters, and babies do 'squish' as they come my midwife says, "if your body can grow it, it can most likely birth it"...the problems tend to occur when inductions and birth are forced and a woman's body is not yet hormonally 'ripe' enough to stretch. 

Christina Brusso

My daughter was ten pounds, two ounces. I had a c-section though.

Becky Rice

My second daughter was 11 1/2 lbs; delivered her naturally at home. It's not as big a deal as the scary docs want you to believe.

Ally Swarrow

That's one fat-ass baby

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