Pippa Middleton Is Throwing Kate a Baby Shower Whether the Queen Likes It or Not

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kate middletonKate Middleton's life may be as royal as they come, but some of the simplest joys seem to allude her. First, she admitted she missed riding the subway. Now comes word that, traditionally, she's not supposed to have a baby shower. Well, screw that! Pippa to the rescue.

Despite the fact that royal moms-to-be have rarely had showers thrown on their behalf -- neither Queen Elizabeth nor Queen Victoria had showers for their first-borns -- and baby showers aren't even all that common in the U.K., Pippa's taken it upon herself to break with tradition and throw her sister a right royal baby shower! (Maybe to prove she really can plan a party, given her dismal book sales? I kid, I kid!)

Anyway, as for the shower details ...

A friend of Kate's told OK! magazine:

While it’s all going to be very relaxed and fun, Kate is hoping the Queen will drop by, because the two are remarkably close. They bonded big time and really enjoy each other’s company. Since this is going to be a first for royals, Kate would love the Queen to be part of it.

So, I'm guessing it's not a surprise, then? This definitely sounds a bit fishy. But at any rate, yes, having your grandmother-in-law at your shower would be lovely. I would hope that if this is true, the Queen would make an effort to attend, because even though it's not traditional, it is a celebration for Kate and Queen Elizabeth's future great-grandchild!

The insider goes on to add:

Pippa is in charge of decorations. Wine and beer will be available — not that Kate will be drinking alcohol, of course. There will certainly be none of the hard stuff.

Sounds pretty run of the mill, actually -- which is absolutely perfect! When it comes to any sort of shower, all the guest of honor ultimately wants is to mark the happy occasion by being surrounded by loved ones. Here's hoping Kate's able to have just that.

What did you/would you want your baby shower to be like?

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nonmember avatar Jenny

I think royal moms should be able to enjoy a shower just like everyone else. It would be good if the queen shows up. She might even smile.


It's "elude" -- completely different meaning than "allude". 

nonmember avatar nina

I think it unlucky to do this shower nonsense until a child is born.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I can't imagine the queen showing up somehow. Kate will have no shortage of gifts without a shower and she can certainly afford to buy things. Showers are very much an American thing and are so uncommon in Britain that I had to explain the concept to several friends and relatives there when I was having mine here in the states.

It's just another excuse for pippa to force her way in to the spotlight and get publicity for her party planning. Very tacky.

nonmember avatar Katie

I didn't have a baby shower I would have loved to though but I'm young and my friends didn't know where to begin planning a shower.

Lucy Norris St James

Why shouldn't she, and why should the queen care?????

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I didn't have one with either one of my kids (they are both boys) so I've decided if my next one(whenever I decide to have another one) is a girl I'm definitely having one, even if I have to throw it myself!!

Sandra Laska

I think it is good Pippa is giving her a baby shower. It isn't just about gifts, it's sort of like a celebration with the girls. Everyone at my shower didn't bring gifts and that was fine with me. I was so happy having my friends and family there to celebrate the baby.

nonmember avatar Janet

I admit I'm a 'royal' fan. I'd love to see the Queen not only 'drop by,' but also hoist a pint in honor of the forthcoming baby.

nonmember avatar DebMoore

I had a joint baby shower with my husband. It was a nice BBQ in the afternoon and ALL ours friends got to come (most my friends are guys) It was fun!

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