Kim Kardashian Wears 3 Crazy-Tight Maternity Outfits in One Day (PHOTOS)

kim kardashianFrankly, I'm exhausted just thinking about this. Kim Kardashian, everyone's third favorite pregnant person, was in New York City yesterday making the talk show rounds promoting her new movie Temptation, and holy pain in the ass, girl changed her outfit three times. Not just any outfits, either. Designer outfits. Stilettos. Jewelry. Bags. Makeup. Hair. Bangs. Honestly, stuffing myself into these three looks seems more painful than giving birth itself.

I don't know whether to praise her, worship her, or question her outfit selection. On the one hand, good for her for going all out even during pregnancy. On the other, what the hell is she thinking? I don't wear certain dresses or shoes sometimes after I've had too much salt, let alone have a baby growing inside of me. Some of these looks just make me want to give her a pair of sweatpants, a pair of nasty Uggs, and a bottle of water and say here, girl, relax.

Check out Kim's outfits and tell me: Is her maternity style something you admire or abhor?

Photo via Splash News

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nonmember avatar Zoe

She looks good. If she's comfortable then it shouldn't be anyone else's problem what she wears.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

Really? I think she looks stupid as shit. And I normally like her style and think she's hot. Her pregnancy outfits are fuckin' terrible though.

sssdnm sssdnm

I think she feels pressured to upkeep her appearance. Last week on KKTM she mentioned the stress of dressing a certain way

winte... winterglow

Someone should tell her that when you have fat knees (and chubby legs) it's best to hide them. That white number looked like a lamp shade on her.

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