Holly Madison's Post-Baby Belly Should Make Moms Everywhere Stand Up & Cheer

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Holly MadisonOn behalf of moms everywhere, I'd like to go ahead and offer up a huge round of applause to Holly Madison for proudly showing off her post-baby belly. Yes, I said her post-baby belly. As in she still has one, as in her stomach is NOT magically flat a couple of weeks after having her baby girl, Rainbow Aurora.

OMG. Is there any bigger buzz kill than seeing a celeb mom on the cover of a magazine looking all svelte and perfect right after having a baby?

The answer is no. And even though she's a former Playboy model, Holly Madison knows that.

And that's why she wanted everyone to see what she really looks like after giving birth. Of her decision to share her postpartum photo, Holly says:

I don’t want the first post-pregnancy pics anyone sees of me to be miraculously skinny, either. I think it’s discouraging to moms to see these "overnight" transformations without any sense of how these women got there. It’s perfectly normal for a woman to walk out of the hospital after giving birth still looking a good six to seven months pregnant. Your belly only deflates a little immediately after giving birth -- you’ve still got a basketball sized uterus in there!

You can see I still look pregnant even though I was wearing Spanx for this shoot! I had a few awkward moments the few times I had to leave the house for appointments without the baby-people I knew would look at my belly and say "that baby just doesn’t want to come out, does she?" And I'd be like "um ... I had her a few days ago" -- super awkward! But that’s real life, people, so don’t feel bad if you don’t bounce back right away after giving birth!

Um, excuse me while I start clapping uncontrollably again.

I honestly don't know whether to jump up and down and cheer, or break down and cry over the fact that Holly's words of wisdom weren't around when I had my son seven years ago.

I distinctly remember sitting on my couch on more than one occasion, looking through the pages of a magazine featuring a new celebrity mom who was back in her skinny jeans pretty much as soon as she left the hospital. And as I glanced down at my own mushy, protruding, still pregnant looking belly, I couldn't help but feel like a total failure. I felt inferior, gross, and just plain hopeless, and I wondered where in the hell I went wrong since I hadn't bounced back as quickly as the women in those magazines.

But if I'd seen a Playboy model who still looked pregnant after giving birth? Yeah, that would've made things so much easier for me. And I probably would've been a lot less hard on myself -- and would've realized having a belly after having a baby is perfectly NORMAL.

Hopefully Holly realizes what a huge favor she's doing other moms by being open and honest about the way our bodies look right after becoming a mother. And with any luck, more celebrities will follow suit and won't hesitate to show off every their real postpartum bodies with pride. (Nah, you're right. That'll probably never happen.)

Did you still look pregnant for a while after giving birth?


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Cari Poissant

I adore Holly! She is keeping it real and is going to be a wonderful mother! She looks beautiful as always

mandy... mandysue88

I lhave always been slim, I was looking forward to being curvy after baby but alas I may have had a baby but about one week after delivery I had shrunk down even smaller then I was before. It sucked. I got pregnant again 9 months later put on 48 lbs and still about a week maybe two I was tiny again. What's a girl gotta do to keep some weight on! Sometimes the weight you keep on proves u had a child, people see me and say oh just wait toll u have kids ill get bigger... Ummm I have two! I wish o was more built like a woman and not a 13 year old girl. I'm 25 for Pete's sake. When will I get mommy curves???

nonmember avatar KA

@mandysue88 - I was always a "skinny girl" too. I was 22 when I had my son, gained about 40lbs during pregnancy & I guess because I was lucky I lost it not too much later. I didn't start putting on weight until I was 38. I was 110 when I had him, now I'm 130. I'm not bragging about being skinny - for those of you who have it more difficult. It isn't always fun being skinny. I am now just starting to feel like a woman & not a girl. And to the author - why does it matter if some celeb looks the same way after they had their kid?? Everyone is different, plus she can afford a nanny & a personal trainer to help get her back in shape & no doubt, a personal chef or at least those pre-made healthy meals. Look at it that way.

Aeris... AerisKate

Also, a lot of people wear those belly support wrap things and that can make your stomach appear to be flat just days after birth.  I know someone who wore one. 

insei... inseineangel

Yay, Holly! I've always liked her.

I didn't look pregnant when I WAS pregnant ( I'm a bigger girl, but not so big that you wouldn't be able to tell...), because of the way my daughter was positioned. She was breech in the weirdest way. She was pretty much right up under my boobs (and yet she was ok), so pretty much I got a free temporary boob lift while I was pregnant. Wish it was a permanent one...

After having her, I didn't really look in the mirror too often. Between trying to handle everything in my day-to-day, and pure exhaustion, I wasn't interested in seeing how ragged I looked. But now, 8 months later, I can happily say I hit my pre-pregnancy weight, and still losing. I'm never gonna be a stick, but at least I'm headed towards a healthier number. 

lalab... lalaboosh

I looked deflated. Lol. It was weird looking! I've seen women who look like they're in the second or third trimester after birth. We'll see how I look after this baby, I've gained a lot less this time.

tuffy... tuffymama

I looked pregnant seemingly forever after the first. I lost it all in about six weeks with the little one, but I gained 100+ pounds in under a year when my thyroid and adrenals all but shut down. I've lost seventy and some, and I don't care if I lose the rest, because I really feel SO GOOD, healthier than ever before. It would be awesome to be as small as pre-pregnancy Holly Madison again because that body is way more fun to dress, but I am truly comfortable now for the first time in a looooong time.

insei... inseineangel

@tuffymama: Love the skin your in :) I'm sorry to hear your body went all crazy on you, but go you for losing 70 lbs. That's awesome! As long as you feel happy and healthy, roll with it. You're beautiful.


(I don't need to see a pic to say it, we're all beautiful! We just need to feel it and believe it!)

jayha... jayhawk00

Love Holly and love this!

Angela DeLaurier

I had a hard time gaining weight when I was pregnant with my son. I ended up only gaining 18 lbs. I didn't even really look pregnant until I was 7 1/2 months along. I got to be the "hated woman" because by the time my son was a week old I didn't look like I had given birth. But I know most people don't bounce back that way, and it's perfectly normal for it to take time.

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