Baby Names!


OK -- what's on your list of potential baby names?!

I was obsessed with baby names before we had both of our kids -- I mean, really, I gave it endless thought. As you can see if you check out my profile, we settled on Jasper (there he is, as a little guy! awww...) and Magnolia. But before deciding, we perused tons of baby name books and I was totally a lurker on the Social Security Administration's list of most popular baby names by year.

So if you're sharing your faves, I'd love to hear them! blowing kisses

baby names


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MDMom... MDMomof2Cuties

We haven't started talking too seriously about baby names just yet.  But I really like Noah Tyler for a boy and my husband has been in love with the name Abigail for a girl since we got pregnant the first time almost 5 years ago!!  :) 

panda09 panda09

i love thinking of names and always wanted an irish name for my baby so i'm thinking Evalynn for a girl but don't know of any boy names....

JayGi... JayGirlsMom

our daughter was named by her birthmother, and the name just so happened to be on "our list" of names, too! so we thought that was a good sign and kept her name the same as when she was born!  JayLyn fits her so well!  but I always joke that she was like a cabbage patch doll....she was adopted and came with her name just like the CPK dolls! haha

mommy... mommy_bink

I have thought of names since I have been dating my husband. It's fun for me! I always dreamed of having a girl named Kiley Nicole...which we were blessed with last year. And Lucas James for a boy's name.

I also really like these names: Jocelyn, Madelyn, Eliza, and Catherine for girls. Ethan, Dominic, Caiden, and Jeremy for boys.

lenny... lennyraye

I have Paris LeeAnne, Vienna Len, Sierra Autumn and Savannah Springgiving dad card

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

My niece's name is Tennessee and I love it. My yet-to-be born's name is Otto. If it's a boy, that is. Girl? Not sure yet. Magnolia is a great name for a girl though. Love it.

My friend's daughter's name is Summer and that's a great name, too.

Logan... LoganAndKennedy

Kennedy Grace and Logan Maynard are my kidos names! Just thought I'd share!

busy mom


Hi, I am due to have my second child in Dec. If it is a girl I will name it after my sister, who died at birth Her name was Destiny Marie we are just changing the middle name to Lynn. If it's a boy we are going to name it Colton. Not sure of a boy's middle name yet.

MAyers MAyers

My childrens names are Madyson Gabrielle and Aryanna Abigail.

MyLov... MyLoves041419

My children's names are Hayley Rose and Logan Lee (he got daddy's and papa's middle name.  Just thought I'd share.  Although I really like the name Gavin for a boy and Alena for a girl.

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