Baby Names!


OK -- what's on your list of potential baby names?!

I was obsessed with baby names before we had both of our kids -- I mean, really, I gave it endless thought. As you can see if you check out my profile, we settled on Jasper (there he is, as a little guy! awww...) and Magnolia. But before deciding, we perused tons of baby name books and I was totally a lurker on the Social Security Administration's list of most popular baby names by year.

So if you're sharing your faves, I'd love to hear them! blowing kisses

baby names


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smp0404 smp0404

I love Kaytlynn Irissa for a girl.  We are having a boy and his name is Bryce, no middle name yet.  I like Jaxon, but hubby said no!

trave... travelcat

My little boy is Titan Shane.  When we were expecting my husband picked Titan as a first name when he was watching a science show about Saturn and they said one of its moons is called Titan.  I picked Shane as a first name because I love Irish names and we have an Irish last name. When our little guy came out they handed him to me and I said "Look, it's Titan Shane!"  happy halloween

charl... charlene104

My daughter's name is Chelsea Brooklyn and I really love the name Landon Duke for a boy

lenny... lennyraye

I like you was so obcessed with picking my babies names and I chose to name my oldest daughter (before Michael Jackson did)...Paris Lee Anne (after her grandpa and Dad whose names are Perry Lee, Jr and Sr.

Upon trying to pick  name for the 2nd little girl...I was totally confused and had not chosen a name upon leaving the hospital. while dressing her to leave "Let's Make A Deal" was on and they gave away a trip saying "Little Paris of the south...Vienna. Right then I chose to name her Vienna and added Len to it as my name is L"e"nda after MY Dad Len and my Mom's best friend Glenda.

When my grandchildren were born (which my husband and I got custody of at almost 3 yrs, 22mos and 3 mos old, raising them to adulthood a month before Vienna graduated HS and was leaving for college. Fortunately I worked in periatics and actually asisted the midwife to bring all 3 into the world. The 2 oldest girls we named Sirra Autumn and Savannah Spring, with the 3 mos old a boy our name is McCormick and we spelled McKenzie like McCormick and yes it was a boy's name predominantly then. Added Lee after my husband. Their last name was Wood so it was very nature like. But since so many girl's are named MacKenzie know he goes by Mac.

Vienna named her 2 girls Taylor "LaRaye" after my middle name and Lyndsey Reign. I love picking names. Can't wait for G. Grandkids. LOL I love your baby's name.hugs

lenny... lennyraye

We had London Raye chosen for a son but had to wait and raise the grandson as our son. LOL My husband has an uncle named Rome.

My cousin worked for Michael Jackson at Neverland Ranch when he was gonna name his Paris....He was searching for names and she told him my daughter's name. I often wonder if it had anything t do with his choice to name his Paris.  ???!!!! Never know!

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