Baby Names!


OK -- what's on your list of potential baby names?!

I was obsessed with baby names before we had both of our kids -- I mean, really, I gave it endless thought. As you can see if you check out my profile, we settled on Jasper (there he is, as a little guy! awww...) and Magnolia. But before deciding, we perused tons of baby name books and I was totally a lurker on the Social Security Administration's list of most popular baby names by year.

So if you're sharing your faves, I'd love to hear them! blowing kisses

baby names


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beach... beachmamaof2

I have an Amber Skye & Piper Ellana...if we'd had a boy it would have been Cole William...

I had lists of names I liked; most were turned down by my fiance...
Ellana as a first name (got it as a middle name; LOL)
Miranda (Mira)

And the boy name we just had right off the bat...although there are lots I like =)

eyef0... eyef0undnem0

My birth kids names are Melodee Dawn and Jacob Nathaniel. My bf's son's name is James Edward (named after my bf)

mom2q... mom2queenie2004

James Patrick

Jessica Paige

Rebecca Danielle


We tossed around Kelty Moraine and Remington Chyanne.

kalia... kaliagrace

my daughters name will  be kalia kahikina grace.. kalia is sheila in hawaiian and thats my bf moms name and kahikina means the first rising of .. and i just like the name grace

3lilm... 3lilmonsters411

Boys: Bryer, Jackson

Girls: Claire, Madeline, Chloe, Macy

My kids names are Brady, Ean and Laney. We had a horrible time finding names we could agree on.

apost... apostolicmommie

We decided on Emily Jane.. I wanted an Emmy.  If it was going to be a boy then his name would be Morgan.  To go with my soon to be 5 yr old Wyatt. 

I love Ainsley!  That is the cutest name but hubby says no.

tmm89 tmm89

I get to choose our daughters' names and my husband, our sons' names. I've thought of Genevieve Elizabeth. And Scott thought of Brendon (no middle name decided).

sweet... sweetypie2007

My kids names are

Robert Joseph, Dylan allan, and Destiny Faith

ima_b... ima_be_a_mommy

i dont know exactly what im having yet, i find out tomorrow... but if it is a girl the name will be  RAELYN NICOLE  if it is a boy the name will be  JACE CALEB.. i picked the name raelyn because people use to call me tae and my middle name is lynn nicole so i put a little twist to it and got raelyn nicole.. and i picked jace caleb because the my boyfriends name is john cody, so i took the (j and c) and got a cute boy name...

joyfu... joyfullem

well our daughter is named Rebekah Rose and i love it!!! Now we are expecting a boy and our list goes like this (my hubby s name is joseph wayne)

William Wayne

Joseph James

Jacob James

Nikolas James

Matthew Wayne

we are fighting i wanted William Wayne because willima is a family name on my side and he wants matthew wayne I like names that the first letter of the first and middle names match so well have to see what happens

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