Beautiful Baby Names Inspired by Spring

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Spring is here! Yayyyyy!!! Though you wouldn't really know it by these still-chilly temps here in the Northeast. But the calendar says it arrived March 20, so I'll just have to give it the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, if you're pregnant, you're probably leafing (leafing? get it?) through baby name books, trying to come up with the all-important NAME that your little human will carry around for the rest of its life. Unless he/she changes it 'cause you were a really bad name picker. Anyhoo, no pressure. So perhaps you're thinking of a nice spring-like name for your nice spring-like baby. So, lucky you, I came up with some!

Here are 30 names inspired by spring.


  1. Brooke
  2. Tulip/Iris/Rose/Laurel or just about any flowery "so-bouquet"
  3. Jade/Emerald/Olive or anything greeny
  4. Poppy
  5. Robin (boy or girl)
  6. April/May/June
  7. Avril (no, not Avril Lavigne -- April in French!)
  8. Chloe/Khloe (no, not a Kardashian -- it's Greek for "green shoot")
  9. Spring (hey, why not just say what you mean?)
  10. Flora/Fawn/Fauna
  11. Blossom
  12. Cherry (as in cherry blossom)
  13. Easter
  14. Laverna/Laverne (French for born in spring)
  15. Paris (nothing like Paris in the springtime!)

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  1. Rain/Raine
  2. Thoreau (as in Henry David Thoreau, famous naturalist)
  3. Walden (his famous book)
  4. Wells/Wellington
  5. River
  6. Hawk
  7. Vernal (as in Equinox)
  8. Aries
  9. Springsteen (not Bruce, you silly muffins! Although that's a bonus)
  10. Frost (as in Robert, who wrote many famous spring-inspired poems)
  11. Blake (as in William -- he did too)
  12. Leaf (not Garrett!)
  13. Bud
  14. Heath/Heathcliff
  15. Brooks
  16. Blue

And then there's always Allergies (jooooke)

Do you like any of these names?


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Alexa... AlexaAdams

Please, no one name your son "bud"

bella... bellacazzate

Perhaps a Freudian slip, but: "Tulip/Iris/Rose/Laurel or just about any flowery misnomer"? So, any other unsuitable/inaccurately used flowery name? I agree Tulip is terrible, but Rose, Iris and Laurel... acceptable, no?

nonmember avatar MammaMel

REALLY CHERRY??? GREEEEATTTT IDEA!!! So in middle school people can make fun of her and ask if they can pop her.....GENIUS!!!SMH! And's LEIF Garrett (as in the name of the VIKING Leif Ericksen...therefore pronounced LAY-FE) NOT Leaf...if you are going to make a joke at least get your facts straight.

Danielle Barnes

Girl names.. maybe...boys no..

Dana Lofstrom

My step daughter's name is Laurel. I think it is a beautiful name. I really don't think I would name my child Easter or Cherry.

Gayla Walsh Lameier

Every one of those names, except the flower ones, and possibly Thoreau, is going to cause those children hell in jr high school... Flora and Fauna were names of the siamese twins Fester dated on the Addams Family movies.... and Frost... WTF? I wish these writers would get real jobs, or a decent grip on a subject to talk about that's worth reading. 2 minutes of my life yet again completely wasted on b.s.

nonmember avatar mel

I actually REALLY wanted to use Wells, but my husband just wouldn't go for it. We went traditional instead.

Sassy... SassyMom25

My name, a niece and a grandma are all in there. All with Spring birthdays as well, though I don't think that actually had anything to do with naming.

Willsam Smith

Enjoy the crisp of the new entry Baby Names Inspired by Spring. I am also a regular visitor of It would be great resources if you like to you know how to name your baby.

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