5 Ways to Share Your Pregnancy News With Your Boss

pregnancy news boss workYou're pregnant! Congrats! You've told your family and friends the big news, now guess who's next -- your boss! Telling your boss and coworkers that you're expecting is actually an incredibly fun moment (unless your boss hates babies, in which case, you should quit). After all, the people you work with are the ones you see every day -- they're going to get to watch you grow each week, and they're pretty much going to be there with you every step of the way: Nausea; cravings; the whole nine.

So. How to break the news? There's a little finesse involved since, you know, you're going to be taking time off for maternity leave and doctor's appointments; but at the same time, telling your boss can be really fun (if you have a good relationship; if you don't, it can get a little tricky).

Here are 5 ways to share your pregnancy news with your boss.


1. Ask her to coffee or lunch. We live in such an email-driven world right now that when people ask for actual face-to-face time, it isn't only odd ... it's actually kind of nice. Being in a setting that's more casual than your office will help take the edge off a little (and may feel like a little more neutral ground). And if you buy someone a cupcake, how can they not love you a little?

2. Email her. Or you can go the opposite route. Depending on what your relationship is like with your boss, you can construct a formal note, informing him or her of your pregnancy; or you can add it as a "P.S." in work-related email. I suggest you have a fairly good rapport with your boss if you decide to go with the latter.

3. Announce it in a meeting. Again, you probably want to be sure you and your boss are on solid ground if you go this route, but it can be a really fun way in that everyone will likely be excited for you -- the energy will be fantastic! I actually announced my own pregnancy to my coworkers as a group. We were supposed to be taste-testing wine, and I opted out -- I felt like it was really obvious, so I just blurted it out. Everyone was happy for me; it was an amazing moment!

4. Bring in a doctor's note. Some businesses actually will want this from you, while for others, it's just a cute way to break the news. Odds are you've missed some work for doctor's appointments. Hand your boss your note when you get into the office one day -- 'nuff said!

5. Wear a "Baby on Board" pin and wait for the questions. Hey, if it's good enough for Kate Middleton, it's good enough for you.

Note: It's a probably good idea to tell your boss before your colleagues, as it's the courteous and respectful thing to do, but one important thing to remember is: Do not feel guilty when telling your boss! Getting pregnant is a reason to celebrate, not apologize!

How did you tell your boss you were pregnant?

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