Mom's Unborn Baby Saves Her Life

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handsIf you're the type of person who believes everything in life happens for a reason, then you'll absolutely love hearing about a mom who credits her unborn baby with saving her life.

When Jane Heffey started experiencing heavy bleeding during the 20th week of her pregnancy, she was devastated to learn that the cause was actually a tumor on her cervix. It turns out the baby was putting pressure on her cervix while growing in her womb, which caused the bleeding.

And if the tumor wasn't bad enough news, Jane then learned that she did, indeed, have cancer -- and it had spread to her lymph nodes and possibly her bladder.

Wait -- her story gets even worse.

Jane was told that in order to fight the cancer, she would have to undergo chemotherapy during her pregnancy, or risk having it spread even farther.

Did I mention she also had an 8-month-old baby girl at home when she was diagnosed? There she was, the pregnant mom of a baby who wasn't even a year old -- and she had to deal with the realization that she had cancer and had to endure chemotherapy.

(Can you even imagine?)

Miraculously, Jane welcomed her second daughter, Ciara, at 32 weeks -- and she was perfectly healthy. The chemo had not had any negative effect on her tiny little body at all. 

After Ciara's birth, Jane still had to face grueling rounds of chemo as well as radiation, but thankfully, the tumor on her cervix is gone. And now she's spending each and every day appreciating every little moment with her two beautiful children -- one of whom she owes her life to.

OMG. If Jane had not been pregnant, she may have never known that tumor was growing on her cervix. And if doctors hadn't discovered it, the cancer probably would have spread to various parts of her body, and there's a good chance she wouldn't be here today.

Yep, that little baby saved her life, all right. Stories like this never cease to amaze me. It just seems way too coincidental that the only reason this woman's cancer was found was because of a pregnancy complication. Call it a higher power. Call it fate. I don't care what you call it -- some sort of divine intervention occurred, here. Jane was supposed to get pregnant with baby Ciara so soon after her first child specifically so the cancer would be uncovered, and she'd go on to live a happy and healthy life raising her girls just like any other mom.

If that isn't the definition of a miracle, then I really don't know what is.

Have you had any sort of health issue revealed because of your pregnancy?


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Bloom... Bloomie79

Cervical cancer discovered during my last pregnancy. I was not good about going for my annual, and if not for that baby who knows when I would have found out.

Christina Gleason

Wow, that's an amazing story. It reminds me of what happened to a cousin of mine. He went to the hospital for painful kidney stones... and they found he was in the early stages of kidney cancer. He's been in remission for years now, but that's a type of cancer that almost always kills because it goes undiscovered for so long.

jalaz77 jalaz77

No thankfully. I hope this mom lives a full life with her kids.

Jaime Dennis Goza

I actually had a splenic aneurysm rupture. I was 32 weeks pregnant and kept having contractions. I had been to the labor and delivery only to be sent home twice within a week. We contemplated not going but the pain was so bad that I had to go. I was there over night with constant contractions but no dilation. That morning the doctor was letting me be her last patient in rotation in hopes to see improvement. She said her plan was to send me home. Right before she walked into the room, I bottomed out. We went into labor and delivery and they opened me up to find me filled with blood. Long story short, this is a rare thing that happens in 3rd trimester pregnancies. Less than 200in the past 100 years rare. I had a 25%chance of making baby girl had a 5% chance. We both are well and active. I completed the mud mania run in October and my sweet Sara Kate will be 2 April second. If I had not had contractions and been at labor and delivery, the surgeon said myself and my baby would have died in minutes. I received 13 units of blood total. I do believe in Jesus Christ and that He has his hand on everything,,,my surgeon looked at my husband and said "she bled enough to pass twice. I wasn't the one who did this" I am beyond grateful and still have a hard time comprehending the magnitude of it all.

Jaime Goza
Harpersville, Alabama

Bloom... Bloomie79

Jamie that's just beautiful. Sometimes you just have to know that things were meant to be.

Natalie Gassiott

Search for a girl named Leslie Harris in Little Rock, AR. She is still fighting her battle.
Thank God hospitals are better equipped and we live in a medically advanced era.

eetfbf eetfbf

No, thank God she did tough to save her life for her childern.

Dustin Ava Tiffany

At 40 weeks my moms water broke, out came the umbilical cord (cord prolapse) it took almost an hour to get to the hospital, they performed an emergency csection, to prevent anything else from slipping through the birth canal, they told my family to prepare for the worst, according to the Dr. once they opened her up, i turned myself sideways to keep from sliding through her birth canal and lifted myself out,doing this saved her life. and i did not die,nor did i end up brain dead (which is what was supposed to happen) it is a miracle.

RobynS RobynS

That's amazing. But what about the folks who didn't have the miracle? The folks who found out too late? I can't help but wonder... why are some of us given the miracle and others not? :(

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