7 Most Important Tests Done During Pregnancy: Which Ones Do You Need? (PHOTOS)

pregnancyWhen you're pregnant, it can sometimes feel like you spend your entire life in the doctor's office. Whether you are getting a shot, withdrawing blood for testing, waving a wand on your belly, drinking gross juice, or answering a million questions, it really can start to feel totally, insanely invasive.

But take heart! These tests actually DO serve a purpose and, in most cases, serve to make your baby (and you) much healthier in the long run. So just how many tests are required? In a healthy pregnancy, there are many tests that need to (or should) be done prior to the birth. We consulted Dr. Erica Song, a partner at Englewood OB-GYN Women's Group, and Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, an OB-GYN at Yale and First Response spokesperson.

These are the 7 tests and why we take them, so listen up! See below:


Image via Contra Costa Times/Flickr

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