Kanye West Chooses Completely Bizarre Name for Baby With Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestTsk, tsk, tsk. Mama Kris isn't gonna like this one. Apparently Kanye West has a name in mind for the baby he's about to have with Kim Kardashian, and it most definitely does not start with the letter "K."

Nope. If the rumor about his chosen name is true, he and Kim won't be welcoming a mini-Kimberly. Or a Katherine. Or a Kelly. Or anything keeping in tradition with the rest of his lady love's famous family.

Actually, if Kanye and Kim really do give their baby the name he's reportedly picked out, it goes more in line with honoring his family as opposed to hers.

Are you ready to hear what the name is?


Yes, North. As in the direction.

And if Kanye and Kim's baby, which is reportedly a girl, winds up being called North, her name will be North West. And then she'll be named after an airline. (OMG.)

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Ok, so it's kind of cute if he's thinking of giving his baby a name that has to do with points on a compass since his last name is West, but come on. Really? North West?

That pretty much sets the poor kid up for all sorts of jokes growing up. Heck, if he really wants her to get teased, maybe he should think about calling her Nine. Or South or East. Or Wild. (Wild West. I kinda dig it.)

I know this is only a rumor and all, but for whatever reason, I can totally picture Kanye and Kim calling their baby West. It just seems to suit them -- because it's SO something Hollywood types would name their child. 

I dunno. Maybe if their baby to be is a boy, I'll feel a little different about the name. I mean, North West does kind of sound like a famous future rapper, right?

But North for a girl? Nah, I just don't get it. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this report is completely false. And if it's not? Man, I already feel for the poor kid.

What do you think of the name North?


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poppy... poppymuffin

I thought it was going to be Kim-ney. Not that I care...

Vegeta Vegeta

Isn't southwest the airline?

cleig... cleigh717

Rofl. . . I thought blue ivy or apple was bad. This takes the cake. . . If its true.

twili... twilightsbella

I feel sorry for the poor baby having parents like them

Mommi... MommietoJB

Its actually a nice unique name to me but not with west. And it would be cute for a boy not so much a girl.

heydo... heydooney

North... that kid who wants new parents and ends up trying out new ones and then goes back to his own at the end...

heath... heather_H83

Northwest AND southwest are both airlines, thank you.

north is a very cute name and maybe it will be kardashian, their not married

Judy Hoban-Kern

I think if the baby is a girl the name Shian West is cute, and for a boy Dash West is cute, just my imput on the name choice!!

Lori Calderone

i think that is the stupidest name worse than blue ivy or kanye

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