Kim Kardashian Rocks a Sexy See-Through Shirt and Black Bra

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Kim Kardashian Kanye WestGotta love Kim Kardashian! Not only does she continue to find ways to shock (you DID hear about last Sunday’s lady-part "smell off," did you not?), but she is totally not letting pregnancy cramp her style at all. Kanye’s baby mama was spotted out and about the other day in a revealing sheer blouse, through which you can completely see her bra.

You go, Kim! It’s great that she seems to be rolling with the pregnancy thing, staying true to her own sense of glamour and style, despite the crazy changes her body’s going through

When I went through my own pregnancy, I remember both loving and hating what was happening to my body. In particular, I hated the barfing I did for about six straight weeks, 24 hours a day (so much for "morning sickness"), but at the end of my first trimester, I hadn't gained any weight except in my boobs. Yay! But then, I stopped barfing and started eating around the clock, and I very, very quickly made up for lost time, going from hot mama to small whale mama. Yikes!

During that time I was also working in an office 9-5, totally focused on saving money so that once my baby was born, I wouldn't have to go back to work right away. Feeling like a hot air balloon + having a casual-dress office job + being in saving mode meant that I invested in only a few boring pieces of maternity wear, and once I totally outgrew my regular clothes, I just wore those things to DEATH.

As time went on, I got more excited about meeting our baby, but began to totally lose my sense of style and of SELF -- something that actually took me a long time to regain. I really think that splurging on a few pieces of cute, sexy clothing would have helped me not just enjoy my pregnancy a little more, but not feel so completely like I had lost all my identity outside of "Mama."

Don’t get me wrong -- I have loved being a mother ever since the instant I first held my baby girl (something I’ll be eternally grateful for). I literally would not trade it for ANYTHING in the world. BUT ... being a mother doesn't have to erase the rest of you, and while matters of "self" go far deeper than clothing, sometimes a sheer, sexy top is all you need to remind yourself about who you are. Right, Kim?!

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's preggo style?


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Katy Khan

Everytime i see a picture of her, she's dressed all or mostly in black. It's not flattering after awhile. And I think pregnant women normally look great when they show off their belly in tight tops and such but for her, I just think it makes her look like a pregnant hooker.

mguti... mgutierrez2

A whore will always be a whore. Pregnant or not

youth... youthfulsoul

Her fashion sense is terrible.

loriec loriec


Babyg... Babygirlsmom112

You can't turn a whore in to a house wife.

nonmember avatar heather

Wow - lots of stones being cast here, ladies... why begrudge another person's happiness in finally finding love. It's what all of us look for, dirt rich or not - I'd work hard at looking fabulous too if I were rich and I earned my living by being beautiful. Alas, we can't all be that lucky or that damned.

lvmom76 lvmom76


lvmom76 lvmom76

We are only trashing her or least I am is because how she got her start in Hollywood. She made a sex tape and sold it just like her best friend Paris Hilton


If it makes her feel better and more confident to wear clothes like that then leave her alone. Being pregnant is hard enough without everyone judging you.

shere... sheree5713

Why is she a whore people can change

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