Kim Kardashian Seen Drinking Wine in Photo & Fans Immediately Attack Her

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Kim Kardashian drinkingSigh. Can't a girl catch a break? Poor Kim Kardashian sent plenty of fans into a major tizzy -- all because she wished her brother Rob Kardashian a happy birthday on Twitter.

Oh yeah, I should probably also mention that Kim posted a little collage of photos along with the birthday message, and as you can see, she appears to be drinking alcohol in one of them.

Yep -- Kim is definitely sipping some sort of liquid out of a wine glass, which means it's probably wine. And since drinking during pregnancy is kind of frowned upon, to say the least, she immediately subjected herself to attacks from her Twitter followers with this particular shot.

But before you start scolding her for being irresponsible and careless, it's important to note that this photo was actually taken last year -- so Kimmy wasn't preggo when she was guzzling the sauce. (Whew!)

Oh come on -- do you really think Kim is stupid enough to post photos of herself drinking wine when everyone knows she's expecting her first baby in a few months? She's not exactly a stranger to media attacks, so I'm guessing she has enough common sense not to intentionally paint herself in a bad light.

But honestly, even if the timing of the photo had been more recent, is it really that big of a deal for her to take a little sip of wine to enjoy a birthday toast with her bro? It's not like she was downing tequila shots or anything like that. If this picture had been taken during her pregnancy, it just seems kind of mean and premature to tear her apart for something that could've been totally innocent.

No, I didn't drink one single sip of alcohol while I was expecting my son. But I won't lie, I was really, really tempted to have a tiny taste of champagne on New Year's Eve -- and I highly doubt it would've hurt my baby if I'd had a small sip or two. (Though I probably would've obsessed over it after the fact.)

Kim's no dummy, and she's certainly not going to do anything to put her baby in harm's way. But while this particular incident was nothing but a case of really poor timing, she may want to think twice about whatever photos she posts for the remainder of her pregnancy. Sticking to current (and preferably booze-free) pics might be the best plan.

Have you had even one sip of alcohol during your pregnancy?


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nonmember avatar blue

No. I think it's pretty ridiculous women can't wait 9 months. It's not that hard. If someone can't hold off, there is a bigger problem.

nonmember avatar Kristi

I totally agree with Blue.

nonmember avatar Annie

So fucking what? I have tasted a bit of wine during my pregnancies, about one tablespoon each time. People need to get off their high horses and take a closer look at their own actions before they judge others.

Crystal Brown

omg its a sip of whine it wont hurt the baby at all im sure you injected your baby with shit ton of chemicals and at a shit ton of chem processed food your whole preg. not saying i drank or drink at all in during mine but really theres way worse things out there like that coffee you got from some shop yea ask to read the labels your judgmental bitch and lets see if you can.

nonmember avatar Ashley

I didn't have any alcohol in any of my 3 pregnancies nor did I drink during the weeks from conception to testing. I love my baby more than I love my margarita on a hot summer day. If you can't abstain for 9 months, you need to reevaluate your priorities in life.

nonmember avatar Ashley

LOL @Crystal Brown. Well, if you inject your baby with chemicals and eat processed food, you might as well drink your 'whine' right? You already seemed to have screwed up your child's life anyway. And since when is coffee worse than alcohol?

nonmember avatar Elleinad

Uh - a few glasses of wine isn't damaging to a pregnancy. Do people just not bother to read things like facts anymore?

nonmember avatar Elleinad

Oddly Ashley, they're finding that moms who chill the hell out and have a glass or two are ending up with HEALTHIER babies. With your shitty attitude, it could be surmised you DIDN'T love your kid enough by abstaining. But that's a ridiculous leap in logic, similar to the ones you're using.

nonmember avatar CaraB221

Well, the CDC, the U.S. Surgeon General, the ACOG, and the AAP all advise pregnant women to not drink any alcohol at all during pregnancy.
But...I'm sure if you Google hard enough you will find a study that says you can drink. So whatever makes you sleep well at night. Your drunk fetus is not my problem.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

I'm just gonna ask this question: If this pic was taken a year ago why in the hell are you writing about it now? Seems a bit irrelevant doesn't it??? If she wants to drink during her pregnancy let's not the first stupid mistake she has made and well we know it won't be her last.

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