Man Smokes in Kate Middleton's Face -- Off With His Head! (PHOTO)

kate middletonWhile perusing through some photos of Kate Middleton this morning, I happened upon something that stopped me dead in my Internet tracks: A photo of a man all but dunking the Duchess' pregnant head in a bowl of cigarette ashes.

Okay, I'm being a scosh dramatic, but look at this dude! He's smoking on top of Kate Middleton! That's nasty! And rude! No, the world doesn't stop when a lady is with-child -- believe me, I know that -- but smoking so close to a preggo? Come on now.

Full disclosure here, this is a snap judgment. All I have to go on regarding this situation is this picture. For all I know, Kate could have meandered over to this man while he was mid-cig, and he immediately put it out upon seeing her. But still, it brings up the issue of smoking when in such close proximity to a pregnant woman: Obviously, I'm against it.

When in a public place, I realize that there's really not much that can be done. Believe me, I was walking around New York City, AKA Smoker's Paradise, throughout my entire pregnancy. I breathed in more second-hand smoke than I care to remember. But have some manners, peeps. If you realize you're standing directly next to a pregnant lady, blow your smoke in the opposite direction. Is turning your neck that much to ask?

Nobody's asking anybody to quit smoking just because there are pregnant women walking around in the world. By all means, continue to puff away, friends. Your lungs' funeral. But when you see a preggo coming your way -- particularly if that woman happens to be Kate Middleton -- exercise a little etiquette, kthnxbai.

Did people smoke near you when you were pregnant?

Image via Matt Cardy/Getty

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bills... billsfan1104

Oh My FUCKING God. If you do not know the whole story, why the hell start something? A puff of smoke in an open area is not going to harm to her or the baby. He is not blowing smoke in her face either. You didn't even give this man a chance and you are ready to cut his head off. And if you want to talk about respect, STOP FUCKING CALLING HER KATE MIDDLETON!!! She is a Married woman and a Duchess.

Melis... MelissaListens

Er....He's not exactly RIGHT ON TOP OF HER, OMG. They are outside and he's certainly not in a place where it is outlawed. IF she was bothered, she could have just walked away. She appears to be smilking and having a great time doing whatever it is she's doing. SHEESH. 



amazz... amazzonia

Like everyone in! The polluted air we breath is not any better of the smoke of a sigarette! Relax!!


Kediset Kediset

not preggie, haven't been yet, but I did get literally smoked in my face once by a jerk while waiting for the bus. No it wasn't proximity and wind issues... he purposely did it. and laughed about it. It took a lot of effort to look chill and not want to punch him out. Would have been problematic since I'm not some strong fighter, and he had a friend with him.

missy... missybest

What a ridiculous article.  Kate Middleton obviously doesn't have a problem with him smoking, why does the author have a problem.  What a ridiculous world we are in.

nonmember avatar jules

1st of all, it's England. They aren't as crazy about anti smoking in the UK as we are states side. 2nd of all, the wind is blowing the smoke in the opposite direction. Just look at the hair on the woman who's speaking with the smoking man. I know you made a "snap" judgment on this one, but you might want to use some powers of deductive reasoning before writing such a pointless article.

teila... teilaweila

When my sister was pregnant, she would make sure to remove herself from anyone who was smoking around her, and if she knew  them, she'd ask them not to smoke in front of her. I thought it was a decent request.

Ashley Nicole Harris

You do know Kate is the one in the pink, right? Not the black. They are outside not in a tiny room. 

nonmember avatar Ashlea

This is exactly how rumors and fights get started. All because someone doesn't know all the facts!!

Mia Joyce

Yip that's those arrogant ballheads all right. But whats new.

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