Kim Kardashian Dresses Her Baby Bump in Leather & Lace & She HAS to Be Miserable

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Kim KardashianWell, she's done it again. Kim Kardashian wore a custom black lace dress paired with black leather leggings -- proving once and for all that traditional maternity attire is strictly reserved for non-Kardashian pregnant women. (Ugh. The rest of us are just so boring.)

Kim proudly showed off her growing baby bump in the outfit at the premiere of Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, and while she definitely turned heads -- it's hard not to wonder whether she was secretly cringing and holding back tears.

Um, hello? Can you say "the most uncomfortable maternity wear EVER?!?"

Ok, so I get that she's Kim Kardashian and fashion is kind of her thing and she'd never be caught dead in a mu-mu and all that good stuff -- but seriously -- no one will give her any sort of grief about trading the leather and lace for stretchy and breathable fabrics.

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I mean, she even admitted that her pregnancy thus far has been, "a little painful," and based on some of the clothes she's turned up wearing, she appears to have brought on some of that discomfort herself.

And sooner or later, it's gonna catch up with her. Now that she's well into her second trimester, it's time for Kim to stop putting such high expectations on herself as far as looking trendy and unique goes. Heck, even if she'd switched the leathery leggings for cotton, I'm sure posing for photos at the premiere would've been just a little bit more bearable. (And don't even get me started on the heels.)

Sigh. It's tough enough to be Kim Kardashian, let alone pregnant Kim Kardashian. Poor girl probably couldn't wait to go home, kick her shoes off, change into an over-sized t-shirt and call it a night.

What comes first when you choose maternity clothes? Comfort or fashion?


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BabyL... BabyLadyG12

I have no issue with the materials she wears or her not wearing maternity clothes.  I do take issue with her looking awful ALL THE TIME.  Wear whatever the heck you want when you are pregnant, but there is no need to shove yourself into regular clothes that look misshapen, distorted and just plain ugly, much less to have such items custom made for you.  There are tons of clothes out there that look great on a variety of pregnant shapes, even trendy non-maternity ones.  I used to think she looked good most of the time, now I cringe at every photo!

twili... twilightsbella

She looks fat instead of pregnant

nonmember avatar Me

I saw a pic of her waist up on another website and thought she looked adorable. Now that I see the whole dress? Uh, not so much. Its hideous.

Theres no shame in wearing flats while pregnant. I was barely able to wobble around in flip flops, seeing celebrities in 4 in heels makes me scared lol

poppy... poppymuffin

Yuck. Money cannot buy class.

Sonny Christine Aguilar


nonmember avatar Teresa

For anyone that has had a child, wearing tight fitting clothes can harm the unborn child and many doctors advise against it. She should follow Kourtney's fashion when she was pregnant. She looked stylish and cute, and most important, was comfortable.

nonmember avatar Quianna

I like the fact that you can say she was uncomfortable even when you was't present with her. How do you know that her pants are tight? I know of some pants like that and they are very loose at the belly part. People need to stop blogging what they think and blog what they know. I think she looks pregnant and cute.

femal... femaleMIKE

My maternity wardrobe resembles Kim's...............NOT

femal... femaleMIKE

tight fitting?  The baby is very well protected in the womb. The placenta does a good job of that.  This claims to be a custom made outfit so therefore, I am pretty sure the pants fit well.

no, I am so not a Kardasian fan.

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