Kate Middleton Wants a Boy, So She Better Find Out the Sex Now

kate middletonPerhaps it was because she's trying to squash rumors that she's having a girl, but Kate Middleton recently declared that she would like to have a boy, and Prince William a girl. Whilst visiting the St. Patrick's Day Parade at the Aldershot military base in England, the Duchess was asked if she knew what she was having yet. "Do you know if it’s a girl or boy?", Guardsman Lee Wheeler inquired. "Not yet", Kate lied said, then added, "I’d like to have a boy and William would like a girl."(Kate and Wills also haven't chosen a name yet apparently.)

If the Duchess is in fact telling the truth, and she does want a boy and hasn't found out the sex, she may want to change that. If she learns she's having a girl now, she'll have time to prepare herself for the "disappointment".


Do I think Kate and Will will actually be disappointed with their baby? Of course not. They'll love their child regardless. But some people really have their hearts set on a certain sex -- and I think if you're one of those people, it's probably not a bad idea to find out what you're having instead of waiting 'til the big day -- it'll help prepare you both emotionally and physically (the room, clothes, etc.). In my experience, I also found that it was easier to identify with the little being inside when you know the sex. I understand some people just don't want to find out, but for me, getting to call my baby "she" and "her" when she was still in utero felt more personal than calling her "it".

If it's Kate doesn't know the sex of her baby and wants a son, I urge her to find out soon. If it winds up that she is having a daughter, it'll give her a chance to digest the information. And, trust me, once she paints that royal nursery pink, she'll be beyond excited.

Did you find out what you were having?


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