Woman Who Had 5 Organ Transplants Gives Birth to Miracle Baby (VIDEO)

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Alkadi AlhayalTo say Fatema Al Ansari had a high-risk pregnancy is a massive understatement. At 19, a blood clot was found in a major vein to her intestines, and in 2007 she had surgery in which she was given a new liver, pancreas, stomach, and small and large intestine.

Then just a few weeks ago, Ansari, now 26, did what no one thought she could do -- she gave birth. According to the Associated Press, Ansari, who lives in Qatar, delivered her daughter, Alkadi Alhayal, on February 26 in the same Miami hospital in which her surgery was performed. The baby weighed in at 4 pounds, 7 ounces, and both mom and baby are doing well. Incredible.

One transplant surgery is a huge deal, but to have five vital organs replaced is monumental. So the fact that she recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl is what many would call miraculous.

Doctors say there have been some cases of women with two transplants giving birth, but it's believed Ansari is the first five-organ transplant patient in the world to have ever given birth.

According to reports, she was forced to terminate one pregnancy soon after her diagnosis, but she and her husband didn't give up their dreams of having a baby. Instead, they went for it full force and used in vitro fertilization to get pregnant despite any fears. Besides some minor complications, it was a relatively uneventful pregnancy, and doctors say she's even healthy enough to have another baby if she wishes.

While it's incredible news for this couple, it also has to give hope to so many. Certainly for those who have had transplants to know that someone has gone on to give birth, but also for anyone going through infertility. Because sometimes while it seems that all the odds are stacked against you, it can happen. There's always hope.


Are you shocked that someone could give birth after receiving five transplants?


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zandh... zandhmom2

Congrats to her...I wish her and her family much happiness and love :)

jalaz77 jalaz77

This is a happy story. Good for them.

Vamp Vamp

good for them!!

..but just wondering...what would the difficulties be 7 years later and her uterus was never touched

laris... larissalarie

To answer the question: No I'm not shocked. She's young and if the transplants worked, she should be healthy and I don't see how it would affect her ability to carry a baby.

Nice to see a happy story on here!!

Willa... Willa-wonders

How amazing! I'm so happy for them. I was wondering if a woman who has had a transplant could get pregnant and have children, because of the medications she's on. This answered my question. 😊

nonmember avatar jez

i just w0ndr where did they get the 5 transplant, in what b0dy c0me fr0m?


1. they kidnapped a pers0n to get dat transplant.

2. or they b0ught ones life

3. or they g0t it frm a newly dead by accident.

?? where are they c0me fr0m??

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